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brazda lui novac

offline victorash from Bucharest (Romania) on 2009-06-14 00:02 [#02296973]
Points: 254 Status: Lurker

Hi all,

here you'll find a file containing all "brazda lui
novac" songs from year 2000 until now. Download it, listen
it, share it, spread it. If you want to use my music on a
purpose other then listening, please contact me with a
private message on my myspace page

Be aware that the link will expire soon, so grab it quick.



offline J198 from Maastricht (Netherlands, The) on 2009-06-14 04:31 [#02296987]
Points: 7341 Status: Lurker | Show recordbag

hi victor. i saw you perform in maastricht and it was great.
i had no idea you were a member on the board.

thanks for the great music.


offline victorash from Bucharest (Romania) on 2009-06-14 05:16 [#02296990]
Points: 254 Status: Lurker

Nice to meet you here Jeroen. I come here sometimes, yes, I
am a member from quite a long time, but not posting much. I
am glad you enjoyed my music.




offline vlari from beyond the valley of the LOLs on 2009-06-14 05:16 [#02296991]
Points: 13915 Status: Regular



offline victorash from Bucharest (Romania) on 2009-06-14 05:20 [#02296992]
Points: 254 Status: Lurker

as vlari already knows ;) cheers Vlari


offline victorash from Bucharest (Romania) on 2009-06-15 10:34 [#02297277]
Points: 254 Status: Lurker

Much easier, I uploaded the songs on LastFM, so you
can listen a preview and download them.



offline mohamed on 2009-06-15 12:48 [#02297292]
Points: 23818 Status: Addict | Show recordbag

fine tunez, hello from italy


offline victorash from Bucharest (Romania) on 2009-06-16 13:22 [#02297579]
Points: 254 Status: Lurker



offline DirtyPriest from Copenhagen (Denmark) on 2009-06-16 13:36 [#02297580]
Points: 5499 Status: Lurker

I am not disappoint.

I've been listening to your music in the background while
talking to some people on MSN, and a couple of times i just
stopped in my tracks and thought "this is pretty good".


offline DirtyPriest from Copenhagen (Denmark) on 2009-06-16 13:37 [#02297581]
Points: 5499 Status: Lurker

I'm also not disappoint about the "find your Ukraine beauty
today" adds


offline victorash from Bucharest (Romania) on 2009-06-16 14:21 [#02297588]
Points: 254 Status: Lurker


thanks for listening


offline victorash from Bucharest (Romania) on 2009-06-17 05:44 [#02297755]
Points: 254 Status: Lurker

One more thing. If you like my music, please put it in your
shared folder or on torrents or on whatever can have a big
exposure. Basically this is the reason why I gave all for
free. Thanks a lot!



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