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rob fragilenine from comment on 2001-06-18 02:06 [#00010102]

that's the name of my idm project. we have a cd (experiments
in electronica)! it will soon be available from or
whatever... these are the tracks (if anyone cares):

1. dust rake (6:05) - an ambient/electronic song with rock
riffs played by an old casio piano.

2. dotty plus (5:21)- this one is pretty repetitive,
although the drums are good.

3. clock pace (5:12) - the main beat of this is a
reverberated 'thump' sound every second.

4. epicycle (4:13) - i tried to make something that sounded
a bit like 'cuckoo' but i don't know. (this song used to be
titled 'blip')

5. rudolf says (6:16) - this song has a really nice melody,
but not pop.

6. badly rock-d (2:56) - ambient-jungle. i kinda rushed the
end though.

7. lofer manic pinch (2:15) - sounds a bit like 'girl/boy

8. polyphlomanol (3:37) - i don't know how to classify this,
it's close to drum'n'bass.

9. go algorithm (8:16) - this track has about 6 sections, a
mixture of 'at the heart of it all', 'icct hedral', and my
own stuff.

10. ambiblismpot (6:20) - everyone seems to like this track,
it has a nice piano line and a big beat.


M from Fraggle Rock on 2001-06-18 07:40 [#00010120]

We are people of short term attention spans. We have to be
told when it IS available for observing, not when it WILL
SOON BE... sheesh. What were you talking about, I forgot


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