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Earface on 2001-06-16 16:21 [#00009961]

Man that new Ovuca album is well chillin'. Does anyone have
any information regarding live recordings??


hevquip from wool on 2001-06-17 02:23 [#00010013]

what's the new ovuca? have you heard lactavent or wasted
sunday? i'm planning on getting one of the two, but i don't
know which is better.


perry como from tejas on 2001-06-17 03:59 [#00010015]

if you want to hear the goo' stuff, try wasted sunday. its
more consistant than lactavent. however lactavent has a
certain something about it. knowing that its his first
official release it kinda has that feeling that one day
it'll be worth 200 on ebay. but thats the wrong reason to
buy it, its good clean fun. Try king stacey. its only 12
minutes long, but when you listen to it you could swear it
was 30minutes, there is so much crammed into such a short
period of time.
anybody else feel the same way about that album?
have you bought Onclement? try that one first, 2hrs/71
songs. thats the epitome of rephlex.


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