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THE ultimate album

offline CORTEX from Canada on 2002-03-29 07:33 [#00148562]
Points: 3346 Status: Regular

What do you think is the best "all around" idm release?

let's say a friend of yours knows nothing about idm (or
whatever you like to call it...) and wants to borrow one of
your albums to find out what it sounds like. what would you
recommend him? in other words, which album best describes
the genre for you?

id say autechre's tri repetae++. it covers a wide range of
what idm is, and it's not too experimental for untrained
ears. everyone should have it in their collection!


offline pachi from yo momma (United States) on 2002-03-29 07:35 [#00148564]
Points: 8984 Status: Lurker

confield due it's efficient arrangement of trax imo


offline jupitah from Minneapolis (United States) on 2002-03-29 07:36 [#00148567]
Points: 3489 Status: Lurker

thats what i thought at gut instinct, but i dont know that
sounds too simlar to idm as a whole. when i think ot idm i
think of clicks =)


offline nanotech from Sukavasti Amitaba Pureland (United States) on 2002-03-29 07:42 [#00148571]
Points: 3637 Status: Lurker | Followup to CORTEX: #00148562

actually, i did just that! it was an intro to IDM, for a
friend (who mostly learnde through osmosis in my car). I
also gave him solutions for a small planet by haujobb (to
show off some bad ass european industrial).

but i feel that the best idm is the more glitchier stuff,
ppl don't really talk about it here, but i'm talking like
projects like "Xingu Hill, or Ammo." if you have dsl, get
these off of soulseek. their both done by the same guy. i
strongly sugest Xingu Hill's "this anxious space," and
ammo's "kalienoscope" (just do a search for ammo, because i
can't spell the disc title)

very abstract, new, fresh, and great sounding idm. it
doesn't sound like anything talked on this board at all, and
i strongly sugest getting the xingu hill cd i mentioned.


offline CORTEX from Canada on 2002-03-29 19:39 [#00149134]
Points: 3346 Status: Regular

i never heard of them before. ill give them a listen.


offline Ceri JC from I'm too old for this shit (United Kingdom) on 2002-03-29 20:13 [#00149170]
Points: 23536 Status: Moderator | Show recordbag

The Braindance Coincedance- The Rephlex Sampler!


offline REFLEX from Edmonton, Alberta (Canada) on 2002-03-29 20:17 [#00149179]
Points: 8864 Status: Regular

id hate to say it but maybe uziq royal astronomy, or
autechre amber.


offline Ophecks from Nova Scotia (Canada) on 2002-03-29 20:18 [#00149181]
Points: 19190 Status: Moderator | Show recordbag

I'd say I Care Because You Do is the quintessential
electronic album. If you don't have it, you deserve to be


offline REFLEX from Edmonton, Alberta (Canada) on 2002-03-29 20:19 [#00149183]
Points: 8864 Status: Regular

OFEKS: thats a little harsh, but so is yer moms.


offline marlowe from Antarctica on 2002-03-29 20:33 [#00149210]
Points: 24374 Status: Regular

i would say ~"autobahn"~ by kraftwerk


offline nanotech from Sukavasti Amitaba Pureland (United States) on 2002-03-30 07:16 [#00150216]
Points: 3637 Status: Lurker | Followup to CORTEX: #00149134

yes, you definatly shoud. i strongly sugest these acts to


offline blue_clax from Edmonton (Canada) on 2002-03-30 07:28 [#00150223]
Points: 411 Status: Regular

the one i burnt with a nice combination of squrrpusher, afx,
and autechre XD


offline Salma Hayek on 2002-03-30 07:59 [#00150232]
Points: 1056 Status: Regular

The ultimate album doesn't exist niether does The ultimate
music or The ultimate artist.... but Drukqs is my favourite
IDM at the moment, even tho half of it is not really IDM...


offline CORTEX from Canada on 2002-03-30 08:16 [#00150237]
Points: 3346 Status: Regular

i agree that the ultimate album does not exist, or will ever
exist for that matter. basically, what i was trying to ask
was to name the album that, in your opinion, was THE classic
idm album, the one that everyone couldnt afford not to have,
or the "quintessential electronic/idm album, therefore, the
album that would best describe the genre for an initiated
listener that wanted to give this type of music a try...

perhaps it's not an easy choice to make. maybe this is why
only a few people gave an answer in this thread. or maybe
im not making myself very clear (i dont speak english very


offline Salma Hayek on 2002-03-30 08:22 [#00150239]
Points: 1056 Status: Regular

you're english is fine and i can't think of one actually so
i guess it is a hard question, Drukqs is not "classic" but
its my favourite right now and will probablly change as soon
as i hear something new.....


offline CORTEX from Canada on 2002-03-30 08:22 [#00150241]
Points: 3346 Status: Regular

oh yeah, and the reason i posted this question was basically
to find out which important/pinnacle albums i was missing in
my collection, according to the fine people on this board.


offline Salma Hayek on 2002-03-30 08:26 [#00150245]
Points: 1056 Status: Regular

ummm, do you have Accelerator by FSOL? go get it...


offline CORTEX from Canada on 2002-03-30 08:30 [#00150254]
Points: 3346 Status: Regular

actually, i dont. ive got lifeforms, isdn and dead cities
though. it's the only fsol album i havent heard good things
from... maybe i should give it a try, ive been eagerly
wanting for some new fsol material!


offline Salma Hayek on 2002-03-30 08:41 [#00150262]
Points: 1056 Status: Regular

i've got all these too, Accelerator is the danciest out of
all of them, and i reckon its good, not as good as the rest


offline corngrower from the fertile grounds of Iowa, w (United States) on 2002-03-30 09:37 [#00150316]
Points: 4404 Status: Lurker



offline Resident Evil from heat some coffee, mmm, mmm (Australia) on 2002-03-30 18:40 [#00150747]
Points: 1643 Status: Lurker

Definetly I care because you do


offline nazipokemon from nottingham (United Kingdom) on 2002-03-30 18:43 [#00150751]
Points: 215 Status: Lurker

richard d james album, what the fucks the MATTER WITH YOU


offline pantalaimon from Winterfell (United Kingdom) on 2002-03-30 21:58 [#00151087]
Points: 7090 Status: Lurker | Show recordbag

Accelerator sucks big time (imho). I bought it recently and
ended up taking it back! I changed it for Lifeforms, which
i'm glad i did cos its excelent.


offline B3n from Manchester (United Kingdom) on 2002-03-30 22:02 [#00151092]
Points: 4700 Status: Lurker

I thought accelorator sucks too...early 90's bullshit IMO!


offline Omneignotumus on 2002-03-30 22:22 [#00151103]
Points: 506 Status: Lurker

"Perfect Strangers" by Frank Zappa


offline jand from Braintree (United Kingdom) on 2002-03-30 22:24 [#00151104]
Points: 5975 Status: Moderator | Show recordbag

How about one of the WARP Compilations?...

For early IDM, go to the source and go for Artificial
Intelligence Vol I...(or the 2 CD version of AI 2, which I

or the WARP100 We Are Resonable People...that had a decent
mix of tunes on it...

IDM's such a wide genre muscially really...


offline Darth manchu from Cambridge (United Kingdom) on 2002-03-30 23:31 [#00151131]
Points: 1897 Status: Regular

Warp100 got my mate into all this stuff we like, but
generally i'd say richard d. james album or selected ambient
works 85-92 is good for those getting into it.


offline CORTEX from Canada on 2002-03-31 08:54 [#00151750]
Points: 3346 Status: Regular

wap100 is definitly a great call. i should own it. the
aphex/squarepusher collaboration is reason enough to buy it!
what a track.


offline CORTEX from Canada on 2002-03-31 08:56 [#00151752]
Points: 3346 Status: Regular

oh yeah, and it also has autechre's stop look listen, one of
their most underrated tracks imo. sounds like it came
straight out of lp5.


offline nanotech from Sukavasti Amitaba Pureland (United States) on 2019-06-07 11:13 [#02579610]
Points: 3637 Status: Lurker



offline nanotech from Sukavasti Amitaba Pureland (United States) on 2019-06-07 11:16 [#02579612]
Points: 3637 Status: Lurker


online DADONCK from here on 2019-06-07 11:33 [#02579613]
Points: 3052 Status: Lurker



offline mermaidman on 2019-06-07 12:24 [#02579614]
Points: 6044 Status: Lurker

nanotech are you tussle toss


offline mermaidman on 2019-06-07 12:36 [#02579615]
Points: 6044 Status: Lurker

i'm saying cause he was known to revive old threads


offline Hyperflake from Wirral (United Kingdom) on 2019-06-07 19:09 [#02579631]
Points: 27210 Status: Addict | Followup to DADONCK: #02579613

underrated artist


offline mohamed from the turtle business on 2019-06-07 20:24 [#02579646]
Points: 30304 Status: Lurker | Show recordbag

the game of chess
is like a sword style
you must think fust
before you mvoe


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