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hard to edit aphex-like music, we met rich.

ashbrg of hamsterloco from on 2001-06-16 00:59 [#00009898]

we are a musical and artistic team called hamsterloco, a
group of diferent people who makes electronic experimental
music and also works on arts, design, cinema... We have a
serious problem: no one wants to release our "toy" music. we
live in spain, where music (apart from some spanish jazz)
generally sucks, all the electronic scene is monopolized by
the cheapest and most awful dance and house music. the only
way in which we are free to xpress is through the internet.
Since yesterday (we are from barcelona and we went to the
aphex session, of course), richard d. james has a copy of
our "greatest hits" cd. We are really happy: we met god, and
he has taken the fucking cd with him!
please come to:
some music in there (but the site is in spanish)


perry como from tejas on 2001-06-16 04:02 [#00009907]

you guys like "la oreja de van gogh/el viaje de copperpot"?
i have a copy of that and it would be good except that there
is a girl singing over most of it.


Ross from can. on 2001-06-17 23:02 [#00010089]

i feel your pain man, people always think innovative
electronic music sounds like 'toy' or 'videogame' music.


Ashbrg of hamsterloco from on 2001-06-18 13:39 [#00010148]

la orejadevangogh sucks, it's a perfect example of what is
succesful in Spain.
Thanks Ross, and i have to say that our music really sounds
like toy, we pretend that, and we like to call this style
toysound. As a matter of fact, I make most of my own
instruments sampling old Casio Toy keyboards.


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