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some ordinary guy from dallas on 2001-06-15 19:04 [#00009850]

has anyone heard of 7TONvULVA. do you feel that they aswell
as many other new groups are jumping on the \"IDM\" -lol-
bandwaggon.......will we be ashamed that we loved it so in
just a few short years??????? im worried that something
good is being commercialized and will no longer be good?????


thanksomuch from miami (and i hate it here) on 2001-06-16 00:35 [#00009896]

*stops a second* did some one hear some thing? naw... must
just be the wind...... *contintues on her marry way*


|REFLEX| from Western Canada on 2001-06-16 02:24 [#00009902]

Fucking shit! Wow, since ive come to this message board..
[its been a long time] ive seen so many damn people come in
and out of here, and there are some "originals" in here
still, which is nice. Don't get me wrong I like the new
people too. But its kinda turning into like a "Yahoo Teen
Chat" or something.... what the hell was that last comment
about!?. Fucking christ, no one cares.

And to you some ordinary guy, I agree. I think that its
becoming far too "plastic" for any good to come out of it. I
would love AFX to realease a new album, but I could totally
see him not for a year or two cause of the people that like
him. I think he wants to keep a smaller audience, you know
like with anything you want quality over quantity. I don't
know which group your talking about, but I know its

I hate the tag "IDM" as you laughed at it, which is good. I
just don't want anything bad to happen, however it sounds,
id rather see AFX stay "our little secret"


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