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has anyone heard of john cage???

dingle berry from on a small plastic chair breathing fire on 2001-06-14 13:20 [#00009627]

yes its classical non electric music but its all very
minamilist and quite fugging trippy allso theres this woman
called joanna mcgregor who puts bolts and rubbers and stuff
in between the strings of her piano to make these realy
wierd tunes(if you do like this sort of stuff try out the
scratch orchestra) plus it looks well posh when people check
your music collection out and see all these wierd albums!
all very very sampleble ther thats one of my secrets what
about yours? ps
(wanking in cupboards isnt that cool)


Centurix from Melbourne on 2001-06-14 14:45 [#00009641]

Personally I think his study in silence is absolute genius.

Some Stockhausen perhaps?


Organ Grinder from from er........... wherever. on 2001-06-14 14:53 [#00009647]

sounds interesting.

i made this one track -- Black Buddha Rectangle -- i used my
V-Tech Microphone in my comp and i did these three deep
Buddhist moans -- then i took Microsoft sound recorder and
looped these over each other and added echo and changed
speed and shit. I burned it to CD and threw a Roland beat
over it. It's bad ass. There's one of my secrets.


Tinnie from greenville on 2001-06-15 07:38 [#00009776]


that is my secret


M from Fraggle Rock on 2001-06-15 08:18 [#00009789]

Yeah, Johnny Cage's shadow kick was quite devastating, but
no match for scorpion's hook and line attack thingy.


IWantToComeIntoYourRoomandCutYourDickOffAndThenPut from USA on 2001-06-15 19:27 [#00009853]


i was going to say that, but his fatality rules all!


M from Fraggle Rock on 2001-06-15 21:41 [#00009868]

The only thing good about that game was the fatalities. The
gameplay (leg sweeps anyone) was cheep. I liked that guy
with knives for hands and an evil aphex twin-like grin, what
was his name, baraka or something? I like the one where jax
pulls your arms off, OH YEAH are you talking about the one
where he pulls his head off and the spine is still attached?


Ross from Can. on 2001-06-15 22:33 [#00009882]

i always liked street fighter way more than mortal kombat,
but that's just a personal thing


FENTANYL from USA on 2001-06-16 04:38 [#00009910]

*Cough*. In fact, the late John Cage (1912-1992) made some
very very good music. Though I imagine that most of you
readers are too young to appreciate the fineries of
classical, (indeed, maybe even anything beyond what has been
force-fed you via MTV's "Amp" compilation) the interested
may perhaps pick up a copy of "Schwann Opus" and start from
there. Erik Satie would also probably be of interest.


M from Fraggle Rock on 2001-06-16 07:44 [#00009931]

ANYWAYS, before we were so rudely interupted... sheesh, was
that guy even replying to the same topic? (kidding- if it
wasn't obvious)

Street fighter 2 is one of my all time favorites along with
doom 2 (on computer). I just bought SF2 for super nes and
the controller with the stupid L and R buttons ruins the
entire game. I'll have to buy a genesis again because they
make those sweet 6 button controllers with intelligent
button layout, perfect for a game with a small, medium and
large kick and punch selection.


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