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Mira Calix

TekN010G from Australia on 2001-06-14 02:26 [#00009547]

Little is known about this warp artist known as the "female
aphex twin" (well,.. little is known to me anyway) anybody
care to enlighten me about what the music is like,.. stories
about her,.. and so-on

Is it true that she's married to one of the autechre


hexane from Melb on 2001-06-14 05:22 [#00009553]

its some weird shit, thats all i can tell you.


|REFLEX| from Western Canada on 2001-06-14 05:41 [#00009562]

where can I hear some stuff?Sounds interesting.


Ross from Can. on 2001-06-14 05:43 [#00009565]

she's married to sean i believe..correct me if im wrong
though, very cool that they both are interested in
electronic shtuf


dingle berry from on a small plastic chair breathing fire on 2001-06-14 15:48 [#00009654]

shes okish if a little random her album pin skeeling is
quite good i think she was a photographer for "gucci" before
the music bug hit, shes not bad looking either id most
definateley give her a game of "poke a mon" if you kno what
i mean!


map[warp/rephlex-aholic] from CH - Mulligan on 2001-06-14 15:59 [#00009658]

you can stream many trax at .... on the
interview she was called as the "female aphex" :)


map[warp/rephlex-aholic] from CH - Mulligan on 2001-06-14 16:03 [#00009660]



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