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"Nice" is it Aphex Twin?

emptynight from far... far from here on 2001-06-13 18:15 [#00009504]

the song Nice, sounds like afx... but is it anyone know...
been trying to burn a cd... but i want to make sure am
puting the right artest on the cd.

empty as the sky has stars


evolume from seattle washington usa on 2001-06-14 05:32 [#00009555]

you gotta be careful
there is a lot of supposed aphex tracks floating around that
i am sure are not aphex twin.
like that robert miles duet track
which is just a track off of the robert miles cd
and that speed racer track.
i am pretty sure that ain't aphex twin either.
course i may be talking out of my arse.


|REFLEX| from Western Canada on 2001-06-14 05:41 [#00009561]

no neither or those are "AFX", there are a good number of
tracks out there, that are not AFX at all.


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