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hexane from Melb on 2001-06-13 03:45 [#00009437]

hello. has anyone heard it yet? whats it like? yeh good?

i've only heard that pyramid song, ya superlecher


streamer on 2001-06-13 08:20 [#00009452]

When I first heard it , it didn't make as much of an
immediate impact as Kid A did, but maybe I just haven't
listened to it enough yet to fully appreciate it and am as
yet not as familiar with Amnesiac.
My favourite song currently is Pyramid Song, although again
this may be because I'm more familiar with it cos it's the
first single here in the UK.
I would definately recommend you checking it out, especially
if you like Kid A as it's in a similar vein, but I must say
that Kid A is currently my favourite.


Clobe Smith from over here on 2001-06-13 09:35 [#00009462]

amnesiac is good, but i like kid a much much more (kid a is
a "colder" album) . all the tracks are cool (minus hunting
bears), and there's more guitars and stuff on this album.

the cooler tracks (in my opinion) are packt like sardines,
pulk/pull revolving doors and like spinning plates.


Antibreak from on 2001-06-13 09:40 [#00009463]

ya man, amnesiac is ok. I am completely addicted to the
pirymid song though.


Antibreak from on 2001-06-13 09:41 [#00009465]

the pyramid song is coo


Glitch from New Zealand on 2001-06-13 11:35 [#00009469]

I thought it was boring, but ive only seen the video for it,
which was also boring, maybe I should download the album and
see ??? then buy it if its worth it


streamer on 2001-06-13 13:27 [#00009474]

Pyramid Song is a piece of quality!! And so is the video!!
The animation is fantastic. Radiohead do have a history of
making great videos. I don't know if they still do, but
apparently they used to take their songs to local art
students, let them listen to them and just come up with an
idea for a video which if they liked, they would make.
That policy seems to have worked out quite nicely......


cheech wizard from cloudcuckooland on 2001-06-13 15:30 [#00009486]

pyramid video boring? did you get it ?


Antibreak from on 2001-06-13 20:46 [#00009516]

Hey you know you can watch that video on
yes, that video is amazing! I am becoming a pryamid song


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