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has anyone seen AFX anti drug commercial

ap had from US on 2001-06-11 05:22 [#00009174]

Here in the states some anti drug campaign used the track
"4" in it's commercial. Aphex Twin on cable TV that's a new


Xanatos from NYC on 2001-07-24 22:13 [#00017671]

In answer to anyones questions about this commercial: I've
realised that the work on that commercial was done by the
good people at then called I
cam on this connection just by chance. You can see the
original work here:

I realize that it is simply the opening loop from '4'
repeated over and over again. I realize that it was simply
the work of the halfempty people and RDJ probably had
nothing to do with it, except that they probably requested
rights to put it on TV from Warp.

So the point is that no, there is probably no connection
between the commercial and Drukqs.

If anyone has a chance check out the work on
its some fucking amazing flash. They won Flash Forward 2001
for the art section.


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