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make cakes not war

wizards teeth from under a nice leather shoe on 2001-03-03 11:40 [#00000695]

i like s club 7, especially that fat one who looks like some
brie. i must now leave as i have an appointment with a gang
of tulips as they have hired me to impersonate a lemon seed
painting a
fox onto an elephants arse.


Scary Bear on 2001-03-03 13:54 [#00000699]

it happens


Id Lab from on 2001-03-03 14:53 [#00000704]

I made bread, but then that's what I'm like. You know the
feeling, when you've got some work you must do, but you
don't want to, so you do something else useful instead?
Cleaning is good, or checking this messageboard. But my
favourite is making bread. Useful and creative, a perfect
timewasting activity.


M from Fraggle Rock on 2001-06-25 08:08 [#00010920]

The tulips PAY you to do that?! Jesus, I've been doing it
for free. When I find those tulips I'm going to offer my
services for half the wages you make! You'll be put right
out of business!


dingle berry from on a small plastic chair breathing fire on 2001-06-25 08:13 [#00010922]

if those fucking smarmy tulips endorse any more tattoos of
more bastard foxes on to that fat elephants batti my left
arm will wither and die


my face from who knows? on 2001-06-25 08:56 [#00010930]

My my......
You cats are so crazy, I can't help but laugh my arse off at
your insane antics. Get the fuck out of my face......


wizards teeth on 2001-06-25 09:00 [#00010931]

Hey stop saying rude words, I am contemplating becoming a


my face from who knows? on 2001-06-25 09:04 [#00010932]

Then fuck off and become a vicar,
join your vocation and get the fuck out of my face.....


wizards teeth on 2001-06-25 10:36 [#00010936]

Please note I do not usually swear as I find such words to
be used by simpletons / simians, but:

Whoever you are fuck off you childish twat. Yes be critical
if you want but there is no need for such........

Ignore the above I am not going to bother responding to such
a person who's pet Elks laugh at him / her as their
genitalia are made out of card.

I ask you this "Mr or Mrs Face" - Is there really any point
in making such comments?


my face on 2001-06-25 11:00 [#00010939]

I could ask you the very same there any
point in making such stuuuuupid remarks as "a person who's
pet Elks laugh at him / her as their genitalia are made out
of card."??
Is it some lame attempt to appear "wacky" in front of your
cyberspace bretherin? Seems you're just as childish as
PS - You're about as wacky as Russ Abbot.


wizards teeth on 2001-06-25 11:14 [#00010944]

Exactly there is no point, that was the point I was trying
to make.

What is the point in being a miserable twat like yourself?

I agree Russ Abbot is quite shite.

Would you like to help me complete my You've Been Framed
video collection. To complete my collection I require
episode 603, the one were Jeremy Beadle shows the audience
his small "child like hand". I was wondering if you will
sell me this episode, I know this is your favourite
masturbation material, but I am desperate to complete the

Do You Like:

a) Brass?

b) Sleeping with your Dad?

c) Sleeping with your Mother?



wizards teeth on 2001-06-25 11:25 [#00010946]

Please add the following comments to the last post:

a) My Dad is bigger than your dad

b) I am a faster runner than you

c) Your breathe smells of dog's eggs

d) I am a better footballer than you

e) You live in a cardboard box

f) You go to Butlins for your Holiday

g) You are not allowed pets

h) You are an Albino

i) You invented hairnets

j) You are addicted to tipex

I hope these comments are "adult" enough for you

I know we have not known each other long, but shall we get
married I think we share similair views



pauwl from the petal of a chatherine wheel on 2001-06-25 11:36 [#00010949]

I think the whole point of the above comments was to amuse
people like myself, good work chaps, a special thanks to My


my face on 2001-06-25 11:39 [#00010952]

Please add the following comments to my last post:
You are a cunt.
Ahhh, the subtle enigma that is Wizards Teeth. Part
contradiction, part total prick. What a crazy character.


chicken paste man!! on 2001-06-25 12:12 [#00010959]

looks like everyone here needs to sit down and tuck into
some good ol' chicken paste!!


wizards teeth on 2001-06-25 12:43 [#00010962]

Dear Mr. Face,

I am not crazy. People who are crazy masturbate into thier
own excrement and eat it.

I should know this, as I witnessed this first hand when I
was taking care of you one weekend.

By the way you left your underpants under my Grandmas bed,
you mucky boy or girl or puma.


cheech wizard from age on 2001-06-25 12:48 [#00010964]

yes,and were all cool....and no one one gets kicked out like
a fascist...leave it wizard....ZZZZ....


my face on 2001-06-25 12:54 [#00010966]

After wiping away the tears of laughter at Wizard Teeths
latest witty outburst, I find myself bereft of
ribs......He's just so avant-garde! I can't handle it
anymore, I fear my face will explode......
He deserves his own slot on Jane Macdonald's "Star For A
Night"......he's gonna make it!


rubbish john on 2001-06-25 13:16 [#00010968]

wizard's teeth - you are almost as bad as po{e}.
you write some load of bollox, and when someone else decides
to say something about it - you declare war and bombard them
with childish silly insults like "you're gay!" or something
directed at thier mother.
sort it out for fucks sake!


wizards teeth on 2001-06-25 13:56 [#00010969]

Rubbish John,

My initial outburst was catalysed as I was told to "Get the
fuck out" of someone's face. I thought this retort was
excessive for the initial message from myself.

Do you think my initial post deserved a "Get the fuck out"
response ?

I used the list of poor insults as a joke, I am afraid they
were not serious as you were led to believe.

I do apologies for the silliness it will now stop.

Sorry John and sorry Get the Fuck out of my face.

W. Teeth


my face on 2001-06-25 14:13 [#00010970]

No need to apologise, WT.


rubbish john on 2001-06-25 15:20 [#00010974]

wizard teeth - there's no need to be so apologetic really.
i just don't like insults such as the ones you used - cos
they are playground banter. i was quite dissapointed in you
actually, as i believe that you can come up with better put
downs than that.
and also, with regards to your initial message - saying
stuff like "i like s club 7" may warrant people requesting
that you get the fuck out of thier face.


my face on 2001-06-25 15:21 [#00010975]

Get the fuck out of my face.......


od from perth on 2001-06-25 15:31 [#00010977]

wivs teef is a champ
fuck off my face

i think chicken paste has the right idea.

up the paste


my face on 2001-06-25 15:42 [#00010980]

Fuck the paste


chicken paste man!! on 2001-06-25 15:51 [#00010983]

i am chicken paste man!!
i eat chicken paste. i drink chicken paste.
i bathe in chicken paste. and i also fuck chicken paste.
people should really get into the chicken paste thing.
i am chicken paste man!!


wizards teeth on 2001-06-25 16:36 [#00010987]

What is chicken paste.

Here in England we only have Owl Paint.


hevquip from a foxes wooden leg on 2001-06-25 16:43 [#00010988]

you are arguing. you are not supposed to be arguing, you are
supposed to be making cakes.


chicken paste man!! on 2001-06-25 16:55 [#00010990]

fuck the owls!!
make chicken paste not war!!!


SWAI from Denmark on 2001-06-25 20:20 [#00011007]



pauwl from the petal of a chatherine wheel on 2001-06-25 20:29 [#00011009]

great stuff lads!


rob fragilenine : rf from noodles on 2001-06-26 02:21 [#00011022]

HEY wizard's teeth rocks! He's not meant to be taken
seriously!!! I suggest to face that he/she/it should "chill
out" with his/her/it's "homies" in "tha freeza", and then go
home and smoke some "donkeys".

I have made the following assumptions about this "my face"
:: You probably would like to watch "88smpo" on channel
:: You use Netscape Navigator. (sorry, no offence,
:: Ock
:: Ack
:: Uck
:: Ick
:: Eck
:: Creq
:: 70's stuff
:: and stuff
:: or something

These all may/may not be true, sorry for interrupting your


TekN010G from Australia on 2001-06-26 07:47 [#00011044]

stop it children


my face on 2001-06-26 08:31 [#00011047]

Your assumptions are incorrect and particularly unamusing.
I am indeed, my face........
I am the all-seeing face who controls and manipulates faces
across the globe with customary style and vigour.
However, I sense that the one who calls himself "rob" is
nothing but an imposter, a second rate Wizards Teeth
wannabe, trying to appear "crazy" infront of his peers in a
vain attempt to attract a cult-following equal to that of
myself or the infamous "chicken paste man".
Such a following can not be acheived through unfunny jokes,
one must have the complete trust of one's subjects via the
gift of charm, chicken paste or face manipulation.
Here endeth the lesson........


M from Fraggle Rock on 2001-06-26 08:43 [#00011048]

I'm glad I resurrected this old topic from the abyss of page
SEVENTY FOUR! What fun, I was entertained for seven whole


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