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Aphex twin and drug use

just another concerned mother from Look down on 2001-05-25 23:17 [#00007202]

Just wanted all you depraved lunatics to know that I highly
condone the irony of aphex twins song "4" being used in an
anti-drug commercial here in the states (it's the one with
all the shitty drawings) the music goes with the images
very well (not that the song is shitty, but has a moving
impact almost). I was almost tempted to give up drugs, then
I smoked until the feeling passed. Anyway, I just wanted
everyone to know about the commercial cause the news section
doesn't mention it.


Archangel on 2001-05-26 00:21 [#00007204]

Yeah, i saw that too, i was like, that is the fuckin coolest
anitdrug commercial ever...


A. Scotthew on 2001-07-24 16:13 [#00017641]

Does anyone know if Aphex Twin or their label authorized the
use of their song in the anti-drug commercial?


Bill Maplewood on 2001-07-24 20:44 [#00017657]

No, the song was not authorised. The song is being used in a
national campaign without the permission of the
copyrighters. The makers of the ad are just hoping no one
wont notice. I guess they're fucked now that you've caught
on, A. Scotthew.


Archangel from hmmm on 2001-07-24 21:54 [#00017663]

was that sarcasm? <--that was, and dude that asked if it was
allowed, richard has said he allows his songs to be used
anywhere, he likes the money, and wonders why anyone would
want to use his songs in the first place.


Naphex-Male from Vancouver, Canada on 2001-07-24 21:56 [#00017664]

I saw a commercial with a Squarepusher tune in it the other
day.....I was like Wow....pishang


Archangel on 2001-07-24 21:58 [#00017665]

yeah, you'd be surprised how often braindance, or jungle for
that matter will show up in t.v. show segways, commercials,
and quite often on MTV. Hell, ive even heard Dj Soulslinger
on a news broadcast!


Naphex-Male from Vancouver, Canada on 2001-07-24 22:02 [#00017668]

Fuck off! Really? nice!


Xanatos from NYC on 2001-07-24 22:12 [#00017669]

In answer to anyones questions about this commercial: I've
realised that the work on that commercial was done by the
good people at then called I
cam on this connection just by chance. You can see the
original work here:

I realize that it is simply the opening loop from '4'
repeated over and over again. I realize that it was simply
the work of the halfempty people and RDJ probably had
nothing to do with it, except that they probably requested
rights to put it on TV from Warp.

So the point is that no, there is probably no connection
between the commercial and Drukqs.

If anyone has a chance check out the work on
its some fucking amazing flash. They won Flash Forward 2001
for the art section.


|REFLEX| from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada on 2001-07-24 23:33 [#00017683]

nice work xanatos. indeed. i don't think this anti-drug
commercial and the new album have anything in common either.
... . when some of you people get together its worse than a
bunch of old women gossiping over tea.


Naphex-Male from Vancouver, Canada on 2001-07-25 01:11 [#00017693]

And how! I like tea...


|REFLEX| from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada on 2001-07-25 01:20 [#00017695]

Yeah tea is OK.


Naphex-Male from Vancouver, Canada on 2001-07-25 01:49 [#00017699]

Coffee and a fat doobie is better in my opinion....


od from perth on 2001-07-25 05:45 [#00017717]

mi pissed that all the award shows and that use 303 acid and
i mean...its cool....but its better when you find it
yourself rather than hear it on Tv, i rekcon...

just my humble opinion


((>e.V.o.L.u.M.e<)) from a hot and muggy seattle on 2001-07-25 06:00 [#00017724]

i wsa also watching Dateline or some shit the other night
and they were playing a couple tracks of of SAWII
i can/t remember what the topic of the show was though...


Archangel on 2001-07-25 16:10 [#00017804]

cant fight it, techno, trance, brain dance, drum and bass,
jungle, and all other forms of electronica are in heavy use
by the media, and that aint gonna rest for a while,
methinks. Who 5 years ago would have thought that we'd see
Paul Oakenfold doing a set on MTV?


Wizard MaC from Amersfoort on 2001-07-25 16:17 [#00017806]

Oh no, I'm having a VERY SCARY thing on my mind right
now..................: The music of AFX is the commercial
chart-style-music of the 23th century!


A. Scotthew on 2001-07-25 16:24 [#00017812]

To the sarcastic asshole. For the love of God, of course I
know that *someone* authorized the use of the song (I'm a
friggin' law student.) My question was *who*--the label or
the maker of the song? Different contracts give artists
varying degrees of control over the use of their songs.
Sometimes the rights to a song are sold by the writer and
s/he then has no say in where/how it's used.


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