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thanx phobs

rob fragilenine from inside a lemon peel on 2001-05-23 09:04 [#00007075]

I'd just like to say, thanks Phobiazero for putting those
little samples of songs and live stuff on this site... now
that i've got the REAL internet, i can actually listen to
them... cheers also for the custom remixes and artwork
sections... I think everyone owes a bit of thanx to phobs...
i just thought i'd start it off...


Phobiazero from Sweden on 2001-05-23 09:10 [#00007077]

All samples will be added when time allows... as well as
live shows *thanks*


W on 2001-05-23 09:24 [#00007078]

Who turned my name upside down?
thanks for providing the technological mechanism referred to
as a "messageboard" that let's me "socialize" indirectly
with people since I have "agoraphobia" and can't deal with
people directly. But I don't have the "REAL" internet so I
can't listen to those sound samples so NO THANKS for that!


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