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a present 4 richard

andrea from a sunny day in london on 2001-05-21 21:23 [#00006988]

hallo guys,it is quiet unpleasant to read that aphex twin
plaied many gigs just few days ago,and i couldn't go there
'ocuse i'm living in city where you work to get mo' to enjoy
the many opportunities it offers to you ...but when you've
got 'em it's already gone ........
anyway i'm writing to find a different way (from going to
live event )to give a sculpture to one (the?)of the grat
geniuses of our time's nothing special but i'll feel
pleased to thanx richard with it .


Id Lab from The Untitled Kingdom on 2001-05-21 21:29 [#00006989]

You'll have to send it to Warp records, or as you're in
London you could deliver it by hand. Just make sure it
doesn't tick.


anda001 from london on 2001-05-23 19:18 [#00007119]

hy id lab ....see you at warp, was waht i
tought when i saw that he's not playing live for a while.
part for the dj session in barcellona ...where i'd like to
go but there'll be a big marriage on the 16th of june
.....but the goods are that is the marriage of emo&bia
part of the MI.S.FU.{[(minimi spazi funzionali)minimal
functional spaces] -pardon me the "obsolete traslation"}
so i guess we'll play alot for this event ...and more this
summer in the south of italy.....ah it'll be just between
friends in some lost old houses in the middle of nowhere/
if you'd like to visit the website

too confident? sorry i'm free
thanx again


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