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Mr. Dirby from usa on 2001-05-21 15:00 [#00006956]

I don't know how may of you guys out there get the supranos
on HBO, but the end of yesterdays episode during the credits
they played aphex twin. I don't know exactly what song it
was but it is off the first disk on SAW II. I was pretty
excited to see a show with the high quaility of the supranos
to take it a step further with some great music. Just
thought I would let everyone know,


hedtwin from manchester on 2001-05-21 18:41 [#00006970]

I love that program it rules, he he he he.

Unfortunetly i don;t have the new series yet, cause i am in
England, but soon, SOON!!


chris moore from Bolton UK on 2001-05-21 21:18 [#00006986]

I've also heard Heliosphan on Wish you were here and another
track i cant remember on a cooking program with the small
chap with hair all over the place. I wonder who thinks to
themselves ' Right a bit of Aphex Twin would sound good
there'. ? For the techno fans I heard No Fate from Behind
the Eye Vol 1 on Sunday grandstand etc etc


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