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Right Then..............

Wizards Teeth on 2001-05-21 11:26 [#00006941]

All of my teachers were Post-boxes hence my lack of
knowledge in the following areas : Maths, English, Peacocks,
History, Leather, German, Milk and Hair.

I was unable to attend University as I was locked inside a
Hippo\'s skull between the ages of 13 - 23. Due to this I
was unable to represent Britain in the Olympics (Sport =

My favourite topics of conversation that I use to entice
ladies into my dungeon:

A. Discus

B. Biscuits

C. Meniscus

Current success rate = 3 %, if you class Penguins dressed in
skirts as Ladies

Pungent smell emanating form Eminem\'s M&M packet = script
for the mummy three staring Brendan Fraser and a flask of

If I woke up and found a lizard in my Kitchen, I would not
be afraid as I have some friends in high places. If this
technique failed I would use my skills to knit a special
machine that could conjure French accents.


po{e} from the uk on 2001-05-21 13:31 [#00006951]


you never cesae to amaze me with your random stuff.


-=[MC PhuQheAd]=- from Frankfurt/Germany on 2001-05-21 16:19 [#00006962]

Wow. po{e} is finally growing up!



po{e} beta 2 from Zooshop on 2001-05-21 16:23 [#00006963]

Im a bitch and i wanna die.


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