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RECYCLE from lincoln,ne on 2001-05-20 20:15 [#00006896]

turkey, lobster, drill, mayonaise, feet, toe fungas and more


rob fragilenine from the inside of a midgets hat on 2001-05-21 02:13 [#00006915]

yes, i believe so...

decay, apple, door, cat, dog.

what reacts to a catalyst?

...a dogalyst


crapnose from Montreal on 2001-05-21 02:51 [#00006918]



Springymajig from New Zealand ( on 2001-05-21 06:07 [#00006925]

What do you call a lobster mixed with a cat, a dog, a monkey
and a venus fly trap?

A Lobster-cat-dog-monkey-venusflytrapasuarus.


teeth on 2001-05-21 09:43 [#00006933]

Electricity + Melons = Briefcase filled with lies

Tuna + Nude - Tent = B List Celebrity gorging on figs

Expensive hands = Invisible tears + Imaginary Albinos

Probably / definitely / well / not really / definitely not /
sorry please ignore the above it was all lies.


Glitch from New Zealand on 2001-05-21 11:29 [#00006942]



pauwl from pie shop on 2001-05-21 12:04 [#00006944]

cabbage, beans, slab, cloth and seaweed


Wizards Teeth on 2001-05-21 14:21 [#00006953]

In 1977 My face was born.

In 1979 My hands were born

In 1980 My legs were born

In 1981 My hair was born

In 1982 I inherited all my internal organs from a Pig.



Wizards Teeth on 2001-05-21 14:38 [#00006954]

The best of albumn :

1. Figs

2. Yeast

3. Graham

4. Dust

5. Haystack

6. Pips

7. Pirate Ship

8. Swan

Heels Heels Heels Heels Heels Heels Heels Heels Heels
Eels Eels Eels Eels Eels Eels Eels Eels Eels Eels Eels

Eyes Eyes Eyes Eyes Eyes Eyes Eyes Eyes Eyes Eyes
Pies Pies Pies Pies Pies Pies Pies Pies Pies Pies Pies

Shin Shin Shin Shin Shin Shin Shin Shin Shin Shin Shin
Skin Skin Skin Skin Skin Skin Skin Skin Skin Skin Skin

Paul Daniel's has a raft for sale. Quite cheap with no holes
in it. A bloody bargain if you ask me. He will probably
autograph it for you if you ask him in a nice nice nice nice


recycle from here on 2001-05-21 18:01 [#00006966]

thanks wizards teeth ...........wonderful..........
you must be a master type ........
you always have lots of different words.


hedtwin from manchester on 2001-05-21 18:44 [#00006971]

amusing story.

SO there i am, i'm walking down the road when suddenly i'm
not any more.

Thats the end of the story, you have to work out the moral
for yourself.


hevquip from a crabs carriage on 2001-05-21 20:42 [#00006983]

i like the words cantelope, antelope, minks, lobsters,
bucket, cakes. perhaps i could make a cake using those
objects. i will enroll a mink to help me make a batter out
of the cantelopes, antelopes, and lobsters. me and my mink
will cook the cake batter in the bucket. i am predicting
that the cake will taste terrible, and will be used as a
pillow instead.


RECYCLE from lincoln,ne on 2001-05-22 03:46 [#00007009]

dinner is good...........


sarap from UK (Glasgow) on 2001-05-22 10:44 [#00007020]

An interesting story Hedtwin :-)

One day I was sitting at my computer and I dropped a pencil
under the table, I bent down to pick it up and wallop I
cracked my head Ouch! I saw stars.


Wizards Teeth on 2001-05-22 11:49 [#00007027]

Hello Sarap,

I live in Newcastle in England that is quite near Glasgow.

I have been to Edinburgh a few times have you.

I was once naughty as I was pissed and threw pieces of Pizza
at the little statue of Grey Friars Bobby situated in the
City centre.

See Ya


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