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Siamese Twin from Leeds, UK on 2001-05-20 08:50 [#00006842]

Nobody answered me last time so I'm asking again. What are
the 20 best?


DamnOne from Uk on 2001-05-20 08:58 [#00006843]

1. My Red Hot Car!
I just got and man - Tom is nothing short of a genius!


ClobeSmith from over here on 2001-05-20 09:03 [#00006844]

My Red Hot Car ... my first mp3 download. yay for me, i
finally stepped into the 90s and got a sound card.

(and i will sooner or later actually by the album)


ClobeSmith from over here on 2001-05-20 09:03 [#00006845]

(i think it's great by the way)


[REFLEX] from Western Canada on 2001-05-20 10:50 [#00006850]


1. Circular Flexing
2. Ufos Over lOndon, Keystone or whatever
3. Come oN my selector
4. The body builder
5. Dimotane Co


SWAI from Denmark on 2001-05-20 11:28 [#00006854]



rubbish john from a bowl of monkey scum on 2001-05-20 12:03 [#00006857]

i never remember names of songs or anything - but......
get "feed me weird things", this cd is fuckin' brilliant,
esp. the 1st track.
port rhombus is also good.
alot of people on this site don't seem to like "selection
16", i, on the other hand, love it.
schizm tracks 1 & 2 are wicked.
the first few tracks on "music is rotted one note" are a
window into the skills the man has on his jazz bass.
.....'er.... you must of heard the latest effort - "my red
hot car" - this is a piece of quality.
best 20? .....' should just listen and decide for
your self.
you should have fun.


Siamese Twin from Leeds, UK on 2001-05-21 12:09 [#00006947]

Thanks guys, especially rubber john. Anyone got any more?

The thing I'm doing is making albums for myself and other
people, for top electronica artists. I'm not usually into
this kind of thing, it's all pretty new to me, so I think
it's interesting doing what I'm doing. It's sort of a
starter, and eventually I'll buy more and more albums and
stuff. I already own 2 aphex twin albums, and Tri Repetae by
Autechre. I'm not going to buy cornfield, however, because
apparently it sucks. Oh well!


rubbish john from a bowl of monkey scum on 2001-05-21 12:20 [#00006949]

many people may not understand why i choose to call myself
"rubbish", but this is not important.
what is important is that i do not choose to call myself
"rubber" - please don't do that.
i'm glad you were pleased with my suggestions, however, i
really feel that you (vous) should not listen to what other
people say and have your decisions determined by what is
"apparently" apparent, after all, everyone has thier own


Mr. Dirby from usa on 2001-05-21 15:02 [#00006957]

Try big loda. a journey to reedham is great. and I love
Whooski on the tom jenkinson album ( I think that is what
that album is called)


Pauwl from under a tractor on 2001-05-21 15:38 [#00006959]

Selection 16 is a great album, check Dedicated Loop its
Rubber John(y) knows the score.


Siamese Twin from Leeds, UK on 2001-05-21 15:57 [#00006960]

SHIT! I'm very sorry, rubbish John, I read it as
'rubber' maybe because I was a bit tired... the fact that
rubber john means condom never actually crossed my mind. I'm
laughing at myself right now, heh heh.

And about me just following other people's opinions... you
are wrong. I just want some idea of what people like, I
don't want to download a load of rubbish... my connection is
very slow. If I get together a good bunch of songs I can
decide which I like best. Hmmm, I suppose you're right in a
way - maybe I should ask people which songs NOT to get, so I
can avoid wasting my time. These songs I'm downloading...
it's just to start me off with this artist, and when I have
some money I'll buy some of his albums maybe.


-=[MC PhuQheAd]=- from Frankfurt/Germany on 2001-05-21 16:17 [#00006961]

My Red Hot Car (Cock) is awesome, but def not his best...

I think his best songs are:

1. Iambic 5 Poetry
2. A Journey To Reedham (7 am Mix)
3. My Red Hot Car - Girl
4. My Sound
5. Massif (Stay Strong)
6. Squarepusher Theme


rubbish john from a bowl of monkey scum on 2001-05-21 16:49 [#00006964]

pauwl - how many times do i have to say it?
it is not "rubber"!

siamese twin - all i meant to say was that people's
opinion's will always differ to yours. i can't imagine what
would have happened if i had listened to my friend all those
years ago when he told me aphex twin was crap, claiming that
he was "too mad".
my friend isn't a dick or anything, it's just that rdj don't
float his boat, and our opinions differ. you should decide 4
yourself if you really want to find out.


Ross from can. on 2001-05-21 21:43 [#00006992]

music is rotted one note sounds a lot like miles davis'
bitches brew in parts..which isn't a bad thing..


Quoth on 2001-05-22 00:06 [#00007000]

1: Plays
2: Problem Child
3: Curve 1
4: Cooper's World
5: Freeman, Hardy, & Willis Acid
6: Kodack
7: Two Bass Hit (Ae remix)
8: Conumber
9: Big Loada (oval mix)
10: My Red Hot Car


Fresch from Trondheim on 2001-05-22 00:31 [#00007004]


Fuckin' masterpiece.


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