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Ambient Music

Yowddling Dan from USA on 2001-05-18 21:29 [#00006738]

What are some good software/hardware devices that are good
for producing ambient music? I also would like to know how
I can make really beautiful melodic voice "AAHHHs" and
"OOOHHHs." Any help is greatly appreciated. Like the
voices on the Aphex Twin "Selected Ambient Works Vol.II"
album, "Grass." Track 4, disk one. Thanks


matt bro 1 from the pitts on 2001-05-18 22:27 [#00006744]

learn to speak first dude!


[REFLEX] from Western Canada on 2001-05-18 23:51 [#00006754]

You can do that with tons of different shit. Obviously the
voices.. just record them and throw them on your computer
and fiddle.. there are many programs available..... ahh.


Shaun SB from Whitstable on 2001-05-19 10:38 [#00006763]

I think that Aphex twins mellowist tune has to be iz and uz
or even flim. these two are off the highly popular come to
daddy e.p.

Oh by the way do you happen to know the address of his club
in London???


Springymajig from New Zealand ( on 2001-05-19 11:39 [#00006767]

I know exactly what the guy is talking about and I would
like whatever software does that as well. The end of
Autechre's Tilapia is like that too. I highly doubt you can
replicate that with altered vocals.


Springymajig from New Zealand ( on 2001-05-19 11:42 [#00006768]

OCHRE!!!! He did something like that on Children Playing
with lego. And The Beginning of Lotus (
does it even better, ask him/them, mabye that'll help, I'll
ask too.


po{e} from the uk on 2001-05-19 16:30 [#00006782]

all i can say is that the best thing to have is a sampler
and some sort of effects device.

sample weird shit, or normal shit and effect it up, put in a
sequencer with loads of music and thats about it

i did this with an acoustic guitar and my own
voice,,,,, sucked but meh


Springymajig from New Zealand ( on 2001-05-19 22:24 [#00006809]

I emailed TBOL person, he said he uses mainly a Yamaha EX7
synth, but he said he also sometimes uses his own voice, so
mabye that would work anyway.


Chris Ochre from rhymes with bum ( on 2001-05-20 00:09 [#00006831]

I used a Speak and Spell for 'Children Playing With Lego'.
I haven't got a mic. but if I did I'd love to mess around
with vocals. Just sample vocals, set a large pitch shift
interval and go apeshit with the pitch wheel. In
Windowlicker, the vocals are probably just one sustained
pitch, pitchbended to achieve the required melodies. Muck
about with a combination of pitch shifting/bending and time
compression/expansion, and you'll come up with lots of
lovely sounds. Fun for all the family.
You can hear the 'Doo's in the Windowlicker breakdown are
just sampled and repitched, 'cos the formants change too.
Really dodgy pitch-shift algorithms sound best, I reckon.
Fuck with Autotune and take the piss out of Cher/Craig David
(like Squarepusher).
The SAW vocals (like track 1) are just little sections, I'd
say. Cut vocals up and randomly trigger them for a BoC

God, I'd love to read that interview with RDJ in Index.
Anyone know about an online transcription, yet?



Springymajig from New Zealand ( on 2001-05-20 10:45 [#00006849]

Those aren't the vocals I'm talking about chris. The ones in
your song aren't very voicey, they come after the speak and
speell bit, it sounds all ambient and angelic.


Chris Ochre from rhymes with bum ( on 2001-05-20 12:33 [#00006858]

Oh. Shit, never mind.
I used a Pro-52 for all the synth sounds on 'Children...'.


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