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Tinnie from greenville on 2001-05-18 21:10 [#00006734]

music has reached a state of utter disappointment. The
Exponentially pathetic growth of pop music and culture must
come to an absolute stop. To even begin to attempt to halt
it, we must advocate a new musical revolution. The UGA
Musicians Collective proposes a new approach to music
making, listening, and all around appreciation. Turn off
your radio, turn off your MTV, your VH1 and turn on your
mind; body; soul; and most of all, your ears.

Don't take the poison of radio music for another day. Are we
really going to raise our youth on these "love" lyrics any
longer? Are we really going to be nostalgic for the fifties,
sixties, seventies, and eighties for the rest of our
existence? Modern society is caught up in an infectious
orbit of nostalgia. Everyone says let's dress punk, let's
dress eighties, disco, hippy, blah blah blah blah.
Stupidity. This cultural programming that is being
perpetuated by the MAN is preventing racial harmony and
world peace. Let's not live out our own dreams let's live
those of the past. Let's dance to the rhythm of yesterday
and forget about tomorrow.
We cling to the past like a heap of-and I say this with
nothing but respect to our precious memories-sentimental
garbage. The radio has become music's landfill. All the
garbage, all the filth is what we are given to drink from.
Let's make our own drinks. Our own opiates. Let's groove to
some homegrown, organic frequencies. LET'S SMASH THE

Use any means necessary to make your music. Electric guitar
or drums. Turntables or synthesizer. Four track or computer.
Hi fi or Lo fi. Digital or Analog. Just make it. No one has
to hear it but yourself. The creative possibilities are
much more endless and lush than top 40 radio would have you
believe. Join the UGA to fight a war against pop music
and pop culture.


hevquip from a crabs carriage on 2001-05-18 22:03 [#00006740]

the current state of "music" was one to be expected. it is
making it's cycles and hopefully is near the end. it is from
this rubbish though, that good music comes from, when people
can finally differentiate between what is good and what is
bad. but we are just as much to blame as those behind the
music. we are studied and vast research takes place on what
we determine is cool. it's called market research. what will
a new trend be and which way will it flow. todays youthful
image is being regurgitated back into our brains as a
result. the problem is that such a minority is that which is
studied, then is mainsteamed, which then creates a new
majority until the trend is soon dropped. that little
minority decides for the unknowing majority. market research
is now moving into what has always been the minority
exposing it to the pop culture or the majority. soon,
everyone will be mainstreamed, there will never be such
things as underground movements or a minority or even the
little best kept secret because they are all profitable. it
doesn't matter if someone is anti-everything, because that
is where the trend is moving as a result of the current
state in culture and marketeers are begining to pick up on
this. we are to blame because we are only hurting ourselves.
we are creating what we hate. it's simple free will vs.
determinism, and determinism is already winning because it's
decided the content, and the only choice we have is whether
we tune in or tune out. it's just that we can't choose what
we want to tune in to.


[REFLEX] from Western Canada on 2001-05-18 23:50 [#00006753]

I think that you have to be cafeful when stepping into
boundries such as these. Its easy to classify something as
you will. But if this were to so called.. launch its self
into full motion and take over this supposed "MTV" bullshit
[which I don't like anymore than anyone here] It will have
just turned the tables completly around. Which is
hypacritical n a huge way indeed. It something that no one
can just control, or modify as they see fit these days. Im
all for some sort of change, but then shit would all be
messed up... only a handful of people are going to be doing
this anyway. It has been like this since the black artists
were making blues/grass/soul in the detroit area in America
and white artists were using or even stealing music from
them because of the sole fact that black people couldn't
entertain. There has always been a popular scene, and many
underground scenes. I think its better to have it this way
personally. Weeds out the real people.. leaves the rest on
top. Whatever. There will always be trends to be set.


Ross on 2001-05-19 00:08 [#00006755]

the best way to ignore the shitty state of music, is to have
nothing to with it..if 90% of the people are listening to
something that's trite and pathetic, then let them listen to
it. However, if we also say why can't people be open-minded,
instead of listening to the mainstream music, that too shows
that we're not being open minded..I have no interest in the
mainstream besides Radiohead, depeche mode, and a few
others..I find by living in my own world of music, and
ignoring the pop-culture whack, i'll be fine..and you know
what's really interesting! I often let people hear aphex,
autechre, any discs i got if they want a kind turned
on to autechre's music today, so it's really the culture
that's hiding the good music from people, they cower at the
thought of anything weird, but i've got people into many
lesser-known bands that they had no ideas about...too bad
some people don't think there's anything good out there,
when there's tons:) you just have to look. i know i rambled
a lot here..


Ross on 2001-05-19 00:09 [#00006756]

*kid turned onto autechre music


rob from nottingham england on 2001-05-19 16:51 [#00006784]

i don't know if anyone here has heard of a guy called
matthew herbert, but he has just released an album called
"bodily functions" which he made by following a strict
manifesto which he devised, and has produced a shockingly
good album as a result. he has used no real drums or drum
machines, just the sounds of the human body as a main
rhythm. so we have knee and elbow joints cracking for the
percussion, the melodies are made from the sounds of crying
babies and rumbling stomachs, and also features the sounds
of someone having laser eye surgery and the sounds of a
mouse stuck in a waste paper basket too.

by the way, i'm new here, so could you people PLEASE be nice
and not pick on the new guy?????? xx


po{e} from the uk on 2001-05-19 17:10 [#00006787]

this has already been said in other treads, 'pop' music (for
example the Spic Girls, Boy Bands, new rock/pop such as limp
biscuit and papa roach) have all been extensively produced
through market research. The big record labels that do this
dont know F*ck all about music, they are in it for the
money, that is what gets on my tits. People who follow these
trends in pop music are narrow minded, they listen to
whatever is popular because they do not have the CHANCE to
hear other types of music, I got into IDM from my dad, if it
wasnt for him, i may not have heard of IDM at all. MTV etc
are DENYING people the opportunity to listen to a variety of
music, leaving whole generations of people lmbs to record
companies, people hear it on mtv, then buy it, giving more
money to the mega rich record companies. There is nothing to
do to stop this whole process except through extreme protest
(which is why I am going to the may day riots next year, and
for other reasons). I am all for individuals who like their
own style of music, but the majority listen to market
researched pop, which i dont even class as music. If
everyone made their stand against globalisation of
EVERYSORT, these huge companies will ave to change, I am
never eating in mcdonalds again, or using any large
companies money for stuff, why make them even bigger and
give them the oportunity to rule over the whole world,
giving freethinking people the lack of choice.

defend your rights to be a free thinking individual, destroy
these companies that globalise the world, thats what i am
doing, i hope other people think the same.

let the masses make their own choices, not letting the
record companies choose!


[REFLEX] from Western Canada on 2001-05-19 18:35 [#00006793]

Ahh.. but the record companies don't make you chose, they
give you a choice. Some people take it... and some don't.
Its just VERY complicated if you think about it.


Ross from can. on 2001-05-19 21:23 [#00006799]

rob- we wont pick on you:)


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