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Springymajig from New Zealand ( on 2001-05-18 05:32 [#00006668]

If you could have 3 superpowers (nothing to big) what would
they be???

Mine would be:

The power to create non living objects with my mind


The ability to fly

The first ones important, I could have all the CD's I wanted
(or wanted to make up) and I could make cartoons I make up
and everything. The second power would be to protect myself,
no one could catch me then! I don't think I'd perve with it
though, I'm too much of a goody good. And if I could fly, it
just would be cool.


nano from malmö/sweden on 2001-05-18 08:01 [#00006678]

Invisibilty is nice, to spook people and just freak them out

To fly is just cool. Like a birdie.

The ability to stop time!! Like to be able to complete
something without worying about time, robb some big bank and
that sort of things.. and to resume time again would be nice


5is6 from +-=0 on 2001-05-18 08:56 [#00006682]

March21stMagick, all three of your wishes are at the grasp
of your very own fingertips. Aquire a good book on Lucid
dreaming @ your local bookstore or read up online. Your
well on your way to creating non or living objects as well
as invisibility and flight ability. With Out of Body
Exercises, flying can become a reality as well. Lucidity
can help w/ your progression in OOB experiences, thus
striking down two love doves w/ one shove. Happy Tryings


wizards teeth on 2001-05-18 09:54 [#00006691]

I have started to investigate lucid dreaming. My friend said
there are dangers attached and it could cause mentalness, is
this true?

If I had three powers, they would be as follows:

1. Power to cause apples to appear.

Reason - I love apples

2. Power to be able to smell eels.

Reason - I have never experienced the essence of an eel, and
I want to.

3. Power to sell crabs to foxes

Reason - I own many crabs and I know many foxes, therefore I
could make a great deal of money


Springymajig from New Zealand ( on 2001-05-18 11:17 [#00006694]

I would love to experience Lucid dreaming, I might try it in
the Christmas holidays, too busy with school now.

Are books widely avaliable? And why do you keep calling me


od from australia on 2001-05-18 15:05 [#00006711]

march 21 must be spring.
and majig = magic i spose.
do i get a prize.
thats not a question wither.
1) be able to create living things with my mind. im not
going any further into this
2) be able to fly. der.
3) to be able to die and live again 20 seconds later.


hevquip from crab bisquits on the corner of a concrete horse on 2001-05-18 15:06 [#00006712]


abililty of telekinesis

control of time

i would live in total freedom from the fact that i would be
the most powerful person in the world. i would not have to
demonstrate my powers but once. from then, fear for me is
derived from my potential, not my actions.


po{e} from the uk on 2001-05-18 15:25 [#00006716]

magic (the ability to do pretty much anything)

to fly (self explantory to most i would assume)

controling time is good, because i cant think of anything
else (sorry random person before me)

there, that is probably the first time i have replied to a
random message properly......hey, it isnt that bad, i will
do it more often


[REFLEX] from Western Canada on 2001-05-18 15:25 [#00006717]

It would be sweeeeet ass to be able to control how time
flowed.... like you could rob a bank and no one woulkd
know.. stop time! You would stop time and everything would
be "frozen" including people. So then you could strole right
in and take the cake! Ha. Also if you really wanted to you
could do some sexual things to people. [I would].

Or you could kidnap people, or whatever. That may be one of
the ultimate powers.


hedtwin from manchester on 2001-05-18 19:30 [#00006730]

i just want to be wolverine really. Thats it. I wud b happy
with that.

"Snickdy nickdy SNICK!!!" Jason Mewes


hevquip from a crabs carriage on 2001-05-18 20:18 [#00006732]

if i controlled time, i'd do things like slow it down or
speed it up while i operate normally. of course be able to
stop it. telekinesis would be super because i could fly
myself around and make things blow up. i'd create all kinds
of structures to live in and what not. psychic fighting
would be pretty cool.


Springymajig from New Zealand ( on 2001-05-18 23:26 [#00006748]

I got the name Springymajig from thingymajig. It's the name
of a cartoon creature I made up.

Controlling time would be pretty cool too.


[REFLEX] from Western Canada on 2001-05-18 23:40 [#00006751]

I still think I would slow time and do sexual things to
people..... girl geeks.


Syllable#5 on 2001-05-19 00:11 [#00006757]

The ability to morph into any shape or form - this would
present endless opportunities and adventures

The Midas Touch (but only on command) - you gotta face how
you need money

The power to inflict thought upon others without their
knowledge of it bein me - it would just be nice to freak
people out this way


[REFLEX] from Western Canada on 2001-05-19 00:43 [#00006759]

Like I said id have sex with geeky girls..... for sure.. it
would be cool.


TekN010G from Australia on 2001-05-19 14:28 [#00006775]

the ability to conjure anything I wanted would do me,.. and
eternal life,.. but who's picky?


Netlon Sentinel from from from from from on 2001-05-19 16:20 [#00006780]

eternal life sucks. trust me, i know


SWAI from Denmark on 2001-05-19 20:53 [#00006794]

March 21 is my birthday.

isnt it weird that the thought of etarnal life is as scary
as the thought af a life with an end/beginning.

Time has been proven an illusion so i wouldnt wory 2 much.
youll transpire to greater levels of mental states sooner or
later, where theres no such thing as good or evil.......


[REFLEX] from Western Canada on 2001-05-19 21:11 [#00006796]

Just Being.


Chris Ochre from rhymes with bum ( on 2001-05-20 00:21 [#00006832]

I can dream lucidly, although not as intensely as I could
when I was around 12yrs old or so, and not half as
frequently. There's tons of resources available on the net
that help you get back into LDing, or to start from scratch.
As far as I know there are no dangers at all inherent due
to LDing, quite the opposite. You can face your fears, safe
knowing they're a product of your own mind, and are able to
coquer them.
I've never actually been able to fly though. I just usually
jump off buildings and chuck myself into canyons, landing
unscathed, obviously.
I've also never tried to create music while dreaming
lucidly, unlike RDJ. Maybe I'll try next time (if there is
a next time).

Plus you can have sex with anyone, which is nice -



Chris Ochre from rhymes with bum ( on 2001-05-20 00:26 [#00006833]

Try for a start.


Springymajig from New Zealand ( on 2001-05-20 10:53 [#00006851]

Once in a semi lucid dream I had the RDJ album and I thought
" Damn, I don't have it in real life" So I gave it a listen
and it was actually Kid A. And I thought, poo, my mind
doesn't know what the RDJ LP sounds like.

Same thing happened with Orbital's green album (which I own
now) except my mind made up the music and it was stunningly
beautiful. Not as good as Belfast, but still awesome.


od from australia on 2001-05-20 15:17 [#00006870]

the closest ive ever came to lucid dreaming
1) knowing i was asleep in a nightmare when i was waay
2) hearing UI green in my sleep. i havent even heard the
album before, only the loops from the afx loops site. and i
dreamed i had it on CD. and i heard U2 clearly in my head.
pretty cool.
all i wanted to do was get it on mp3 the next day. coz i
cant play records :P


Scary Bear on 2001-05-20 16:18 [#00006874]

I reckon being a ghost would be cool. Making inanimate
objects come to life.
Being able to learn at incredible speeds.

Yeah them are mine. I was really into lucid dreaming at one
point, still am, but I have stopped for a while. I started
keeping records of my dreams every morning as a technique to
induce lucid dreaming. My body clock got really fucked up
though and I found difficulty getting to sleep, then I
couldn't fucking wake up!!! Never heard about this hapening
to anyone else though. Oh and my dreams started getting
really fucking strange, I woke up one night and satrted
talking to one of these road works lights. The little yellow
ones that blink on and off constantly. Saying that shit like
that happens every day to Wizards Teeth so it ain't that

Speaking about tha wizard check out ID Lab at People and the collaboration with Wizards Teeth. Pretty
much all of ID lab is wicked, some stuff better than others.
Cold Fire is very cool, I'll buy his album when I have the


5is6 from +-=0 on 2001-05-22 09:07 [#00007018]

the last lucid dream I had was @ the Twins studio. he had a
gotee the size of porcupine spikes and looked a bit yonger
and wetter. he broke out all this wicked equipment made by
his truly. the tunes were intense but im not very good at
remembering music in my lucidity yet. practice makes a


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