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SELL OUT? Boy/Girl = Bank of America

Breaded Gecko from uk on 2001-05-16 03:45 [#00006541]

Boy/Girl has been used on a commercial for Bank of America.
What the FuCk! And why?! Is this promotion of a capitalist
business; single promotion; or a beastley hint of subliminal
irony to the world of MON£Y?

Did RDJ sell/give/loan(?) it to them, or did they STEAL it?
Word: Whas goin' on? ...And why?


Springymajig from New Zealand ( on 2001-05-16 05:16 [#00006546]

This can't be the first time you heard a song by a famous
person used in an ad. As long is it doesn't say, "with bank
of America you can be as rich as Aphex Twin", or words to
that extent, it's not selling out.


hevquip from crab bisquits on the corner of a concrete horse on 2001-05-16 15:01 [#00006566]

everyone one of moby's songs off of the play album has been
used in commercials and movies


ClobeSmith from over here on 2001-05-16 17:25 [#00006571]

i read moby licensed out all his music from play cause he
wanted more people to hear that type of music ... oh yeah,
and to sell his soul to corporations.


Quoth on 2001-05-16 23:19 [#00006591]

And what is wrong with that? Why the fuck are you guys so
pissed that people you don't even know make their own
desicions? The least you people could do is respect their
choices...not try to change them.


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