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Ya Kanza on 2001-05-15 14:58 [#00006482]

Has anyone used this new piece of software ?

If so what are your views ?

Many Thanks


pauwl from pie shop on 2001-05-15 15:41 [#00006486]

my mum uses it, she likes it, but she maily uses the hoover


ptolemy from canada on 2001-05-15 18:26 [#00006499]

ive used the demo, and it looks pretty powerful. however, i
think that this program isnt as great as people are saying
it is. maybe i dont know what im talking about, but i think
that reason is good for making mainstream experimental. i
know this sounds like an oxymoron, but im sure some of you
know what i mean.

some people will do some amazing stuff, that goes without
saying, but i think on the whole that the program is more
flash than dash.

i could be way happens all the time :)


pauwl from pie shop on 2001-05-16 08:15 [#00006559]

you oxymoron!


Schika from Germany on 2001-05-16 12:59 [#00006562]

Reason - is one of the coolest tools you can get!
The integration of ReBirth could be more effective and the
integration of Cubase 5 has to be fixed - but this software
is ervery penny of it worth!


tim from on 2001-05-16 22:02 [#00006590]

worth every penny eh?

anyone have 40,000 pennies i can borrow?

digital d.


matt bro 1 from the pitts on 2001-05-18 23:08 [#00006747]

ive got reason and yes its gimmiky as all pc packages are
the computer sequencers r cool 4 control but the pc wasnt
made 4 music theres no ooomph nothin beats the real hard
knob twiddelin hardware anologue its juss made 4 music
creatiom the pc is good 4 details but i would know way
depend on it soley may be im wrong hmmm?


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