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[] pusher

Richard from finland on 2001-05-15 10:25 [#00006443]

wich squarepusher album do you think I should get as my
first one ?
I'm thinking maybe "feed me weird things", since I'm
completely in love with it's second tune "tundra"(but it's
also the only tune I've heard from that album)
what's the rest of it like and the other albums.I'd like an
album that has the the same feel as tundra troughout.
suggestions?opinions? thx.


-=[MC PhuQheAd]=- from Frankfurt/Germany on 2001-05-15 10:45 [#00006449]

You should def get "Big Loada"!!!

It's a must for every IDM fan!!
"Feed Me Weird Things" is also great..


pauwl from pie shop on 2001-05-15 15:43 [#00006487]

selection sixteen is a must, dedicated loop is a wicked


M on 2001-05-15 17:15 [#00006493]

Selection 16, Big Loada, Maximum Priest. In that order.
Selection 16 is a must NOT, except for 2 songs (the second
song and dedicated loop)


M on 2001-05-15 17:16 [#00006494]

What I MEANT to say was:
Feed me weird things, big loada, maximum priest.
Not select. 16.


velocity_kendall from in here on 2001-05-15 17:30 [#00006495]

Selection 16 sound's like a contractual obligation than an
artistic statement . . . . .

It's very shite .


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