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tell me what you think

Ptolemy from canada on 2001-05-11 14:21 [#00006153]

hello everyone, ive been reading posts for a while now, and
decided to post one of my own.

aaaanyways, i would love some feedback
on a few of my tracks...if you think this is spam, i
apologize and wont do it again

if you like any of those, theres a few more down the left of
the page.

once again, i apologize if this is unapproptiate on this



M on 2001-05-11 18:22 [#00006170]

I WOULD have listened, but I'm not about to spend 40 minutes
downloading it, my computer's too slow.


po{e} from the uk on 2001-05-11 18:58 [#00006175]

balh blah blah

no one is interested mate, take your custom somwhere else,

no one wants to hear it, i dont anyway, if your music sounds
that good why dont you send it to a record label instead of
spamming this board.

no offence ment, youre probably a nice guy wiyth good music
taste (youre on the aphex twin site), sorry if i offended
blah blah blah


ptolemy from canada on 2001-05-11 21:27 [#00006187]


understood not doing it for the hits, i just
thought some of you may like to hear it.

/me recedes back into the darkness from whence he came

no offence taken



hexane from Australia on 2001-05-13 08:28 [#00006243]

most of the stuff from is good, IMO


[REFLEX] from Western Canada on 2001-05-13 09:12 [#00006245]

ptolemy: no reason to let poe shift your thoughts.. or
choices.. hes just a crabby brit [not saying you all are]..
hes in a bad mood like 99% of the time, only when posting on
here though! Hes really a nice dude.


ptolemy from canada on 2001-05-13 09:31 [#00006246]

hehe, no thats alright, i know all about crabby brits (just
kidding c0ntax :). i just dont like posting links where they
arent wanted. i think po{e} voiced his opinion with a fair
amount of tact, which i respect.

. . no harm done


[REFLEX] from Western Canada on 2001-05-13 09:56 [#00006253]

I usually check shit like that out.... after all its what
most of us are here to do.. share ideas, thoughts... songs,


Phobiazero from Sweden on 2001-05-13 12:02 [#00006267]

Shut up po{e}...


Chris Ochre from rhymes with bum ( on 2001-05-13 12:38 [#00006268]

Hey Ptolemy,

Is there any way we can stream your tracks? If not I can
recommend RealProducer to get some streaming on your site.
I'll download one of your tracks anyway and let you know
what I think.
Incidentally, I've just done a click-glitch remix of one of
my tracks I think you guys would like. Please check out the
'High Altitude Remix' of 'Low Grav Freefall' and let me know
what you think.
Surely there's no harm in asking for opinions from
like-minded individuals, eh?



'MCL' is on its way down my phoneline...


Glitch from New Zealand on 2001-05-13 12:40 [#00006269]

tehehehtehehgfdjkfsghlsdkl;cvhnsdbnb *maniacal laughter*

yeah it seems po{e} likes speaking for everyone, but
everyone doesnt share his opinions, I like hearing other
peoples underground music, even shit stuff, it makes me feel
better. Ok IM a bastard now, fucking narcotics agents


Chris Ochre from rhymes with bum ( on 2001-05-13 14:03 [#00006271]


I'm listening to MCL now...
This is quite a pretty song, reminds me of LFO a bit. Nice
little rhthm you got going there, like it.
How did you create the vocal (I think) sample, sounds like
something slowed down quite a bit.
What's the story behined the music, if you don't mind me
asking? It sounds quite tragic but in a settling, accepted
sort of way (if that makes sense).
Good musical song, I like it - keep it up.


PS I'm downloading Myriad now...


po{e} from the uk on 2001-05-13 14:07 [#00006272]

blah blah blah

Tool suck, i have listend to 'stink first' and it sounds
like some cunt screaming to the age old guitar rums and bass
that is so old and dated, how can you people like it?


ptolemy from canada on 2001-05-13 18:28 [#00006281]


your interpretation of MCL is frighteningly dead-on. the
song stands for micheal christopher larson, a friend of mine
who committed suicide in his first year of university. so
when you say that the song is tragic, but in a settled kind
of way, it is exactly that.



Chris Ochre from rhymes with bum ( on 2001-05-13 19:44 [#00006287]


I'm really sorry to hear that - that really is tragic.

I've listened to Myriad and like the percussion, good
programming. I'm not too keen on the string sound - it
sounds a little dead, a little movement in the strings would
sound better IMO.
I wasn't too sure about the beginning - the beat seemed a
little generic, but I liked it when the song got going, with
all the crazy rhythms flying around - that's cool. Seems to
finish a little too sudden though, perhaps an extra minute
or so tagged-on would help. I liked the way everything
fitted together once everything got going. Keep it up.

Have you got round to listening to any of my stuff yet?




tim from Digital Distraction on 2001-05-13 20:21 [#00006290]

Great tunes mate!
I like the airpot tune the best. The keyboard line is quite
hypnotic and you build up to some great beats. The other
tracks are real nice too. Great production!

I\'d like to share my stuff too if you all would listen.
I\'m real proud of my most recent tune \"beautiful\".

Keep up the good work ptol!
digital d.


ptolemy from canada on 2001-05-13 21:03 [#00006291]

thanks to all those that downloaded my tracks. i appreciate
the feedback, especially now in the current drought im in.

chris, myriad is junk, dont waste your time with it :)
thanks for finding some positives in it.


M ( on 2001-05-14 06:48 [#00006331]

ochre- Well you have stuff that can be streamed (which my
computer still has a hard time handling on low fi) and this
seems to be turning into a music feedback exchange thingy
I was really impressed with your low gravity freefall mix.
The tones and clicks at first glance don't seem compatible,
but actually intertwine for quite a nice listen. (until my
mp3 player cut off after about 2 min. like usual) I actually
don't really like the children playing with legos song. I
like the slow tones, but I don't think the drumish beat
"evolved from almost nonsense to a pulsing beat" like that
one dude said. The beat was too junky. But the "twinkly"
part was really cool. (I see you added some of those "speak
and spell" sounds (some computer saying letters, he he heh-
for a song based almost entirely on a speak and spell I
HIGHLY recommend "walking on eggshells" by
(james bohn))
My songs are basically trying to do as quirky things as
possible using really crappy equipment. I'd suggest "asexual
spore releasing hyper bloomer" (noise-ish) or "plight of
inchworm" (melody) or "blue crayons (from melted smurfs)"


M ( on 2001-05-14 07:17 [#00006333]

Well I havn't heard "beautiful" yet so listened to that. It
seems to be 2 songs in one sort of. I'm not terribly
impressed with the first. It takes quite awhile for the
faster drums to kick in and somewhat cure the repetitive
yucky fade-in tones :). The second "half" of the song was
better though. I really liked the get up alarm mix though.
Oh, that damn alarm!! You have to hear it every morning.
It's sound fits in your memory with awful peripheral
memories- going to school, going to work, getting out of
bed, ug. So what a great sound to make a song out of! But
instead of finding anything really resembling an alarm,
there was a nice rhythm and melody. What the song could
really use is more mixing of parts (ie. take out parts of
the whole for awhile and bring them back awhile later)


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