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aphex in movies?

Serj'n Slice from Nowhereth Carolina on 2001-05-10 20:21 [#00006118]

some guy on napster today told me that aphex twin is going
to be making music for a movie coming out sometime soon
called Neuromancer. is this true? all i can find is this
one weak link. doesnt seem that the official site is working
right now.


Kenchie from inside a box of cheese... on 2001-05-10 22:25 [#00006119]

AFAIK, this project has long since been shelved. Cunnigham
pulled out ages ago.
Shame that!


Volvo from Arbtoath on 2001-05-10 23:20 [#00006122]

I thought Nearomancer had been tranlslated to film by .... I
forget ok I've haven't seen it so far but I do know keahno
reeves starred in it. How annoying it's on the tip of my
toungh but I can't remember what it was called.


chocci from London on 2001-05-11 11:31 [#00006145]

Volvo - think u may be thinking of Matrix with Keanue as
Neuromancer hasn\'t been made into a film yet. Although i
did see something the other day saying it was all still in
the pipeline


Edward-ian from home sweet home on 2001-05-11 21:55 [#00006190]

No not the matrix I remember now but don't count on the
spelling Johnny Neumonic. So anyway as I said I haven't
seen it it might have nothing atall to do with neuromancer.


DeLt0!d from Narnia? on 2001-05-12 02:06 [#00006197]

itd b neat 2 see a soundtrack by afx.


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