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richard's hairpiece

ClobeSmith from over here on 2001-05-09 21:50 [#00006012]

my friend has a very very nice computer as opposed to my
hunk of crap that sits in my room. i finally got to hear
richard's hairpiece and other various tracks i will never
get to hear on this computer.

i need a faster connection, more memory, and for the love of
god, a sound card. i can't live like this anymore. i
understand the whole fashion thing of being retro, but this
is starting to seriously "cramp my style."

thank you for listening to my moaning and complaining.

[audible sigh], life just ain't fair.


[REFLEX] from Western Canada on 2001-05-09 22:53 [#00006015]

I guess not. I got me a new mac G4.. which is the SHIT! and
you don't need soundcards with Macs..... i got the PhATEST
sound system for my computer..... two big stick speakers..
see through, and a see trhough Subwoofer.. im in heaven on
my computer....


clobesmith from over here again on 2001-05-10 06:33 [#00006054]

yeah, i'm back at my friend's showing him my post, admiring
his g4 and finally getting to listen to squarepusher's my
red hot car.

i'm on the verge of tears. somebody end my misery. while
i'm hear, can anyone quickly suggest where i may download
other []pusher stuff? thanks


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