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Mike & Rich...

Joyeboy from California on 2001-05-08 19:27 [#00005915]

Who else loves the Mike & Rich album?? I know it\'s silly,
but that\'s why I like it so much, it\'s very light hearted
and silly ridiculousness...


Netlon Sentinel from beyond on 2001-05-08 19:30 [#00005916]

vodka is my favourite.


Fresch from Trondheim on 2001-05-09 00:21 [#00005935]

Yeah..BUbububBu and Vodka are my two favourites.
Bububu makes me laff.


[REFLEX] from Western Canada on 2001-05-09 05:46 [#00005940]

Its a good album! the best song in my opinion would have to
be The Sound Of Beady Eyes.


-=[MC PhuQheAd]=- from Frankfurt/Germany on 2001-05-09 08:29 [#00005954]

I love Jelly Fish and Eggy Toast. Great sample work with
weird noises!


nano from malmö/sweden on 2001-05-09 09:09 [#00005957]

Bu bu bu ba is just awsome. Love that song!!

I saw the CD in a recordshop here i Malmö
a couple of months ago, but i was to stupid
to buy it. Stupid me. Stupid!!


hexane from Australia on 2001-05-09 12:33 [#00005969]

yeah bububu is hilarious. but vodka is the standout track


Joyeboy from California on 2001-05-09 20:52 [#00006006]

Hey, does anyone know when Mike & Rich was actually
recorded? I heard it was awhile before it was released (in


hevquip from a crabs carriage on 2001-05-09 23:54 [#00006020]

have any of you heard the extra track brivert and muons off
of the m&r cd? i'm listening to it now and it's great. the
whold cd is actually.


[REFLEX] from Western Canada on 2001-05-10 01:19 [#00006025]

what? what extra track? tell me more


Mr. Dirby from usa on 2001-05-10 01:33 [#00006029]

don't say there are extra tracks and create stupid rumors if
there arn't any.


[REFLEX] from Western Canada on 2001-05-10 02:03 [#00006034]

Mr. Dirby: Im not the one that said it. Im suprised if there
is/was. Thats AlL.


Mr. Dirby from usa on 2001-05-10 03:01 [#00006039]

Reflex Not you. whoever said that the were listening to


Ramalpha84 from New Zealand ( on 2001-05-10 04:44 [#00006047]

There is an extra track, it was on a promo for it. It says
so on


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