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My go now...

Rob Bucephalus from Australia on 2001-05-03 08:01 [#00005493]

I will now proceed/attempt to tell a short story about what
happened to Giuseppi Valentino when he went on his warehouse
torching adventure. Now, Giuseppi was an ordinary person,
until a strange accident that made his entire left nockle
part half fully metal (stop me if youve heard this one
before). Now of course, Giuseppi (now referred to as G)
tried to walk, but because of his metallic left nockle, he
was instantly teleported to another place... a strange room
with 2 corners, and sideways stairs. More suddenly than was
comfortable, a kid with a HUUUUGE head came running into the
room. On closer inspection, G noticed that this was in fact
a large domestic elephants servants travel agent, but he had
not worry when the clock struck twelve to the chime of his
underpants ringing from the stench of the awfully small
church. The kid then proceeded to speak: "Im Nort. Who R
U?". G replied quissitencially: "Im G, and stop talking with
letters instead of words."
Although there was no visible window, 2.59999 rocks
attempted to land inside the room, even when G blocked the
only exit from the shopping centre. This proved to be
annoying, because this caused Gs nockle to decay, because it
was part made of saliva. All of a sudden, Nort screamed:
"NOOOOOOO!". Somehow, G heard this while he was busy
programming Ageispolis into his mobile phone. "Shut up, Im
trying to eat bananas!" said G, with a stupefying grin on
his salad. Too late. Nort turned around and started eating
the salad that may have formed Gs face at one point or
another. Now, obviously, G wasnt happy at all with this, and
tried to hack at Norts chesticle of nobby part clocks, but
with no success. His HackMcSheene 2000 (TM) broke into 1000
bite-sized niblets, then turned into a boiling liquid-type
substance which overflowed underneath a big small concrete
tractor door tyre. Suddenly, the cow jumped up and said: "If
you decide to win this mission, you must now go outside and
find the big small fearless tractors door tyre wheel and
reunite it with its metallic custard.". So, G and Nort then
went outside, via a stupid hole in the roof. They forgot to
pour acid juice onto their nockles, so they wont get wet.
Because of this, they became common household flies, and ate
their way to the metallic custard, although that wasnt the
point anyway. To cut a short story
longggggggggggggggggggggggg(oops, i had the cd on repeat)
the answer was "Chop", not "Cut"... you must now comply and
come with us, Mr. Pants.

ps. a tip when youre eating your mouse ball: add a bit of
spice by using the VCO Alpha Sauce. It has a petrifyingly
hot taste and can enhance any flavours. You must make sure
you eat your mouse ball with a spoon, because trying to stab
it with a fork can have dangerous results (trust me, Ive
tried). Well, anyway, enjoy your Aphex for breakfast lunch
and dinner and dont forget to turn the light off.


M on 2001-05-03 08:35 [#00005507]

My favorite part was when G told the kid to stop talking
with letters instead of words! This post is superior to
Wizard's Teeth's mad libs. (note confusion on showing
possesion with an apostrophe for that particular name)


Rob Bucephalus from Australia on 2001-05-03 08:48 [#00005511]

hey phobiazero, you cut those g's off of long, didn't you? i
didn't know it was going to make it like that...


Phobiazero from Sweden on 2001-05-03 09:14 [#00005515]

Now you know...


Netlon Sentinel from beyond on 2001-05-03 12:23 [#00005528]

wizard's teeth=rob bucephalus.

or his cousin anyway


wizards teeth from a shop that sells hats on 2001-05-03 14:18 [#00005534]

I am not Rob Baucephalus. My real name is Gravy.

But if I seen him in a pub I would buy him a pint or wave at

I would wave in a style such that my hand would only be 1.25
inches from his face. I would continue this motion for
approximately six hours, during this six hours I would say
hello in every language in the world just to cover myself as
I am unaware of his country or origin.

Bye Bye


Rob Fragilenine from Australia on 2001-05-04 04:46 [#00005574]

Rob Bucephalus = Rob Fragilenine. I would happily accept
drinks from WT, although I would not enjoy being waved at
for 6 hours, I'd prefer 8.3333333 or maybe
hours, but I'd have to have a straw hanging out of my mouth
to attract any neighbouring particles of stum* that may be
floating around in the sub-universe. IF and ONLY IF the stum
in the sub-universe has been depleted, I will attempt to
restore peace by pointing at WT's left-right shoulder and
turning 3 times to the left, jumping forwards, stepping back
2 steps, unholstering my weapon, and then i would throw some
anchovies at the dog that happens to be sitting in the

* Stum is an unknown substance, discovered in 1922 by Edward
J. Stum. Look it up if you don't believe me. But before you
open the book or search on the net, you must stand on one
leg while twisting your dog's nose and eating a fish stick
and at the same time you must hum the tune to funny little
man using only do's and da's. Once this is completed, you
must jump on the spot marked X with your finger. Once you
have put your finger on the carpet/tiles/other type of
magnetic/non magnetic floor, you must then forget what
exactly it is you were looking for in the first place. The
first place must not be what others say it to be, but what
you say you must not do to others to deny yourself.
Remember, to deny is to not accept what is not ungiven. With
this in mind, please accept my acceptance for Jeffrey Jeff
Jefferson to join my party, which is at 8.00pm tonight at
the Comb dayclub. Special guests include: Honeycomb
Beesapwas, Single Click Nockles, Party Blues Poleheads,
Sahara Beauties, Sarah's Bow Ties, Low Times, and Knob
Tocklers. Be there or don't.


wizards teeth from a shop that sells hats on 2001-05-04 09:05 [#00005607]

I will be there it sounds great.

Please can I bring finger mouse as my date.

If I play my cards right I might end up back at his house
for "coffee"


Rob Fragilenine from Australia on 2001-05-08 01:44 [#00005856]

what happened to thumb monkey? i believe he was your date to
the 'excursions in slosh' festival last month... the party
seemed to be going off until the masters of slosh came on,
they were absolute crud... how can they call themselves the
masters of slosh when they play crud? I thought Sloshman's
Revenge rocked... but you might not think to be tha same...


od from perth on 2001-05-08 03:10 [#00005857]

rob whatever you do dont get a water filter because the
water here is spiked and its what promotes unnatural


Rob Fragilenine from Australia on 2001-05-08 03:38 [#00005862]

moo i dont have a water filter


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