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Ocean's 11 & Bochum Welt

((>e.V.o.L.u.M.e<)) from cold and balmy seattle on 2001-12-10 03:12 [#00059408]

hey i just saw ocean's eleven and i noticed that "claire de
lune" a song off of Bochum Welt's "martains and spaceships"
album is in the movie. except its done with a whole
the move is pretty good by the way. this is a lot coming
from me because i hate julia roberts and andy garcia. and i
am also not so fond of george cloony and matt damon although
they keep showing up in movies i really like.


radiowerkshop from kitchenerOnCan on 2001-12-10 03:16 [#00059414]



Xanatos from NYC on 2001-12-10 04:18 [#00059469]

I hate George Cloony and I hate Julia Roberts too. Except I
also hated Ocean's 11. I thought it was a predictable
contrived peace of crap, where every character has "been in
the game" for 20 years, so you have to listen to their back
and forth witty comments and snappy comebacks as they talk
to each other through their sunglasses leaning against the
sides of their convertables without even looking at each


Champion from Blife on 2001-12-10 05:49 [#00059494]

Claire de lune isnt a bochum welt track, its claire debussy,
bochum welt must have made a recording of it for his album,
its a good one too


evolume from at work in bothell, north of seattle, USA on 2001-12-10 16:21 [#00059601]

it was a remake. so that made it even more predictable. but
if you like soderburgh (spelling?) movies you will probably
like this one. its deffinately not his best though.


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