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My ambient album

geonime from geoworld on 2001-08-18 17:29 [#00022989]

I'm planning to do some ambient stuff. I've already done two
songs (one of them is about 4 minutes long but won't make
the album, the other is over 10 minutes and sounds very
nice). Ambient is easy to make, but ambient that does
exactly what it's supposed to do is much harder.


rob fragilenine from a warm place on 2001-08-18 17:38 [#00022990]

What kind of ambient stuff? Like SAW2 ambient, or Quake
soundtrack ambient? I've done both, and I'd admit ambient
music is much harder to make than other types, even
jungle/drill stuff... You have to concentrate on the quality
of the samples/synths that you use, ie you have to make sure
it doesn't end up sounding like some relaxation music, you
have to have repetition while putting in some variation
too... Reverb also helps, use heaps of it, and put the wet
at the same level as dry... it makes staccato notes sound
like fast attack pad sounds...


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