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Two new CDs

Geonime from here on 2001-08-18 02:23 [#00022899]

Right, I've got round to burning my first 02 CDs. They are
both 6 track EPs, the first one has older, more primative
songs; the second one has the first of my proper,
"intelligent" songs... hence the name, "blueprint EP". I
plan to put these on the net in a few days but for now
here's my little guide:

Memory EP

1. Remembered [3:28]
A simple cheesy dance song made in fruityloops, which
transforms into an ambient song at the end. There's also a
bit of experimentation.
Sounds like: most dance hits from around the early

2. Glass Buildings [4:57]
Chilled out, ambient song. Nice and relaxing, although I
constructed it entirely from samples found on the net.
Sounds like: Boards Of Canada - 'Kid For Today'.

3. Law & Order [2:51]
My first attempt at IDM. Made in fruityloops, this song
doesn't have a tune, and it sounds muffled throughout. It's
crap but I made these EPs for my own benefit and to learn
from my mistakes.
Sounds like: Radiohead - 'Idioteque'.

4. Interlude [1:52]
Short ambient song, with distant guitar playing, weird
noises in the background, and a big humming sound
Sounds like: A load of noise.

5. Forgotten [5:25]
This is just loads of different sections of one song. It
starts with ambient noises, a big sound fades in and then a
beat and bassline comes in. The beat is echoed later on.
Sounds like: I have no idea.

6. Glass Buildings 02 [6:22]
Starts as a reprise of glass buildings, but then turns into
a big mental load of noise, finishing with animal noises.
Sounds like: Geonime - 'Glass Buildings'.

Blueprint EP

1. NIDM [3:36]
If I was a signed artist releasing records, this would be a
single. Upbeat, cheerful song with real guitar stumming and
bassline (played by me), live drumming (played by John, thx
m8) and a keyboardy notes made in fruityloops and stretched
in Cakewalk. I'm proud of this song.
Sounds like: Lemon Jelly - 'The Staunton Lick'.

2. Magim [0:17]
Short interlude.
Sounds like: Modest Mouse - '3rd Planet' (I fucking
sampled it).

3. Birdies ;) [2:20]
An altered sample of my voice mixes with piano sounds and
IDM beats.
Sounds like: Aphex Twin - 'To Cure A Weakling

4. Muwre [2:01]
The song I submitted to R3PHL3X which he rejected because I
insulted him. It's got no tune, just beats...
Sounds like: Something by Squarepusher.

5. Blueprint [4:30]
Completely ambient, with heavy tones throughout... there's a
tune which uncovers itself very..... slowly.....
Sounds like: Radiohead - 'Treefingers'.

6. Make A Wish [4:51]
Hip-hop style song with a beat made in Fruityloops. Yes,
this is an old song, but I think it's good enough to "make
it" onto my good CD. Features many samples from the rubbish
film 'Wishmaster' plus early guitar playing by me! The tempo
keeps increasing.
Sounds like: Avalanches - 'Frontier Psychiatrist'.

So that was them. I'm glad I've done some CDs for now I feel
like one of the "big boys".


hevquip from halfway between here and there on 2001-08-18 02:56 [#00022904]

you should send me some cd's.


Geonime from here on 2001-08-18 03:01 [#00022905]

Err, where do you live?


f.l.e.a from NZ on 2001-08-18 03:50 [#00022914]

any of your stuff on i will be interested to hear
and maybe even put on my station.. post yer url :)


hevquip from halfway between here and there on 2001-08-18 06:18 [#00022933]

united states.


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