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HELP! Need cover scans!

mg on 2001-08-17 17:11 [#00022731]

help, cunts, i need these cover scans... original size... do
you know where to get them?:

>universal indicators (red, green, yellow, blue),
>the railway raver "drop acid not bombs"
>autechre "peel sessions 2"
>aphex twin "ventolin ep"
>ovuca "king stacey".



Hunter S. Thompson on 2001-08-17 18:58 [#00022750]

fuck you, you fuckin' retard. They're easy to find, stop
being all lazy and shit.


mg on 2001-08-17 21:15 [#00022817]

hay, silly... i am not lazy, i just ask you to do me a
favour. if it's so hard to tell me the website, where i can
search for that stuff - so shut up!.


Garry Shandling from Sherman Oaks on 2001-08-17 23:56 [#00022858]

There's something very endearing about someone who responds
with "silly" after being called a "fuckin' retard".


Garry Shandling from Sherman Oaks on 2001-08-17 23:59 [#00022859]

But less so when they have previously addressed the entire
board as "cunts".


King Kapisi on 2001-08-18 00:02 [#00022860]

You damn right, Gary Shandling. Withhold the information and
don't let up....

When I first saw your name on this board, I thought you were
a clone of me.

Does anyone in here like Captain Beefheart?


Geonime from here on 2001-08-18 00:04 [#00022863]


Garry Shandling from Sherman Oaks on 2001-08-18 00:05 [#00022864]

A squid eating dough in a polyethylene bag is fast and
bulbous. Got me?


Resentful Steve on 2001-08-18 00:34 [#00022883]

Phobiazero, could you please ban Geonime from making further
posts resulting in the happiness of others. Thankyou.


Garry Shandling from Sherman Oaks on 2001-08-18 00:37 [#00022884]

That was most uncharacteristic of him.


Not Merciful To The Week Steve on 2001-08-18 00:58 [#00022891]

Steve shows know mercy to the weak.....


ross on 2001-08-18 03:43 [#00022912]

king, ive heard a bit of captain beefheart, id like to get
into it, as it seems completely whacked and most people dont
get it..


mg on 2001-08-18 07:21 [#00022940]

thank you, Geonime, for the link.


Werner Herzog on 2001-08-18 10:33 [#00022951]

They're good, I only started listening to them about a month
ago, just download some of their songs, tracks like 'her
eyes' and 'willie the pimp' are good.


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