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Can somebody identify this?

rob fragilenine from a warm place on 2001-08-17 15:29 [#00022705]

I found this song when I was flicking through audio.php on
the Warp site.
Can somebody identify this, it sounds a bit like AFX, it
may/may not be, and there are a few other unnamed songs
before and after this one that sound similar to it, so it's
most probably an album...


wayout from a plastic bubble on 2001-08-17 19:29 [#00022755]

'tis autechre's "basscadet" off their album
incunabula...check out the rest of the album too..its a


Geonime from here on 2001-08-17 19:44 [#00022756]

m8 you should check out all the Warp artists. I discovered
some gr8 ppl such as Plaid and Prefuse 73, not to mention
BROTHOMSTATES... top stuff.


hevquip from an egren's coffee shop on 2001-08-17 20:12 [#00022775]

geonime: i've heard some brothomstates (a little bit). it
sounds good. how would you describe them? i'd like to get
their album.


hevquip from an egren's coffee shop on 2001-08-17 20:13 [#00022776]

i was thinking it was like autechre, but hip hop oriented.


pauwl from here at the moment on 2001-08-17 20:19 [#00022781]

Id have to say that the brothomstates ep is hard to
pigeonhole, theres a wierd AE+prefuse, hip hop thingy number
then a few tracks that really sound plaid influenced (there
great them ones) nice melodys etc, on the whole its rather
good, but always remember, try before you buy......then
again what the fuck do i know eh


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