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odd email i got

hevquip from an egren's coffee shop on 2001-08-15 16:59 [#00022131]

this is an odd email i got. i dont know why is was sent to
me. did anyone else get it? i dont hate mexicans or
hispanics because my state is probably about 75%

Excuse me.


They are worms. Not the kind of worms that crawl in the
mud, though they are no better. They are like the computer
worm. A Computer Worm is a computer virus that destroys your
computer by making hundreds and thousands of worthless
copies of it's self, so there's no room for anything
valuable. And that's what Mexicans are doing to America!
Everybody knows that they are disgusting, vile, low,
disrespectful and stupid. I don't need to give you a bunch
of reasons to hate Mexicans. If you're like most average
people you probably already do! What I can do is give you
the skills necessary to help keep the Mexican population
low. I mean, they're the most stupid people of all but have
the most babies. Join MPC (Mexican Population Control) today
and help us
reduce the Mexican population or in five to ten years
you'll wake up and this won't be the United States anymore!
It will be Mexico! And if that happens, how will you get a
clean drink of water?!

How to Exterminate Mexicans Before It's Too Late

1. Mexican speak Spanish. Learn to speak Spanish and get
copies of all the Spanish publications you can. Next
advertise products to Mexicans that are meant to be consumed
(taking internally). Send them poisons!

2. Hire Mexicans to do door to door sales of poison
laced-consumable products or go out there and peddle poison
laced-consumable products yourself (candy, cheese, patent
medicine, etc.) Get Rich Killing Mexicans!!!! But you'll
have to use a poison that takes days before it starts to
take its effects. Otherwise, if they die immediately, a
family member will realize what happened and the police will
come and arrest you or your Mexican seals

3. Keep your eyes and ears open for chemicals and products
that contain chemicals that cause severe birth defects on
contact with human skin or when taken internally. I know a
hair growth product
for men you can buy, I'm not sure which one, will cause
sever birth defects if handled by pregnant women. Make a
dummy cosmetics company and sell to Mexican women at cost so
you can give them huge huge discounts (most Mexicans need
discounts you
know, because they have too many mouths to feed and they
are too stupid to get a good job). Put such products in the
mascara and let Mexican women rub it on their face. Half of
them are probably pregnant. When they have their baby it
will be too deformed to
reproduce - that's the idea! Years later, when you see that
baby grown up, retarded, barley able to walk around,
consuming you tax dollars, stick it with a syringe full of
poisons. It will be too stupid to know what's going on!

4. Get a job working in a public school in a Hispanic
community. Use some of that poison that take days to start
killing. Mix the proper quantity into some of the food. (If
it takes 1/8th of an
ounce to kill one Mexican child and your feeding 2000
Mexican children you'll need 500 ounces). Mysteriously
disappear after a day or so just before the kids start
getting sick. To be really cautious, disappear after the
first day. Get a new disguise and
go to the next school, and the next school, etc. But what
if I kill a child that's not Mexican you may ask? Casualty
of war! You can also use this method working in a burger
kitchen or restaurant in a Mexican community. But before you
take the job
scope the business to make sure mostly Moccasins eat

5. People who are bellow and near the poverty line
(Mexicans) will pick up a half-smoked cigarette off the
ground, re-light and smoke it. Lace thousands of cigarettes
with cyanide. Next, drive around the Mexican communities and
drop one poisonous cigarette
every two blocks!

6. If you're driving around at night and you see a pregnant
Mexican women walking around. Don't let her see you watching
her. Park around the corner and start walking towards her.
When you meet up with her give her a swift, hard, surprise
blow to the stomach and run back to your car. Drive off in
the opposite
direction so she won't see what kind of car you drove.

7. Get into lock smiting. Pick your way into supermarkets,
etc. in Mexican communities and open the few types of
bottles left that art air sealed or tamper proof. Inject
your poison.

8. Be an ice-cream man! Make a pile of goodies for Mexican
kids (poisoned) and a pile for non-Mexican kids
(not-poisoned). Again, use a poison that takes days before
any symptom materializes. Their parents will have no idea
why they are dying! If a Mexican
kid trades what you give him/her with a non-Mexican kid or
gives it as a gift, that's a casualty of war. But to keep
casualties of war down to an absolute minimum make sure you
go to predominantly
Mexican neighborhoods.

Make Mexican Killing a hobby. I could teach you how to
acquire and make all the poisons necessary to do these
things, but in all good conscious I cannot. It's up to those
of you with above
average IQ's to learn these thing (on the Web) yourself.
Join MPC now and help control the undesirable spread of the
Mexican-Worm or else: WELCOME TO MEXICO!

Weather you join or not, if you don't think too many
Mexicans is a good idea, forward this letter to 4, 5 or more
people as "Interesting Reading" or with the current headline
(Virus-Alert: Stupid Mexicans). Help MPC recruit members who
have necessary skills or the IQ to acquire these skills. You
can also post this
message to message boards. Feel free to add you own unique
Mexican killing ideas/methods. Don't worry, the US
government is tired of all these stupid Mexican coming over
here illegally and taking over the country with stupid
babies also! The US government will probably bless you for
forwarding this letter. But if you want to be cautious you
can go to a public library, college, etc. and use a computer
there to forward the letter and/or post to news groups &
message boards. Get a free email account at: or or any of the
other numerous free email providers & use that account to
forward your message. Sign up using fake info. of course.
Hurry: the Mexican-Worm is spreading out of control!

What am I doing for fun this weekend? What am I doing for
fun this vacation? I'm killing Mexicans!

How about you?!



Granpa we love you from the home on 2001-08-15 17:03 [#00022132]

That is the weirdest thing I've ever seen in my life. It has
to be a joke... surely...


Pitch in Retrograde from texas on 2001-08-15 17:09 [#00022134]



hevquip from an egren's coffee shop on 2001-08-15 17:11 [#00022136]

i go to a lot and post replies on race
stories with my email address at the end. there's probably
some biggots floating around there and decided to email
people that.


thanksomuch from over there on 2001-08-15 21:07 [#00022209]

i recieved an odd email from some fuck on this message board
that was a pic of one of Jeffery Damer's victims.


AFX Tea-wing on 2001-08-15 21:11 [#00022211]

It really doesn't make sense. My girlfriend is half mexican,
and the last thing I do with girlfriends is exterminating


hevquip from an egren's coffee shop on 2001-08-15 23:55 [#00022254]

thanksomuch: do you perhaps still have that picture? i
wouldn't mind seeing it out of curiousity.


thanksomuch from over there on 2001-08-16 00:39 [#00022275]

no hevquip you soul-less monster.... but i have others!


Organ Grinder/Glyph Whitey from my own little fantasy world on 2001-08-16 00:52 [#00022277]

that is fucked up!


Janis Joplin on 2001-08-16 09:59 [#00022330]

It was me that sent that, you fuckin' retard. You wouldn't
accept my msn invitation, twice. What harm would it have
done you to just say "yes"? None, none at all; we could have
been the best of friends but you blew it, you lost the
opportunity to dance with greatness, you sad, sad catpenis.
It is truly your loss and I hope you can comprehend exactly
what it is you'll never have.........

829547389201- Here is the documentation following the e-mail
to said scrotum-head's address(#456214); Please note:
article first in hand, titled: who are you?; was later
changed to: What Is It And How Is It Done? for sending
purposes. The following e-mail was sent by a lemur with
downs syndrome(created for tax reasons) to my address after
the lemur(previously mentioned) found displeasure in viewing
those images sent by the child in question, aka me.

E-mail: i should have guessed by the e-mail address "Gummo"
that you would not be a
pleasant character. do  hear yourself referred to as "sick
fuck" often? i
thanks for the pic, i'll stow it away for some night when i
am feeling a
bit blood thirsty. bastard.

have a pleasant morning/evening/day.
gjr [Guinevere J. Rawlins]

[Out of respect for the dead, no follow up e-mail was sent]


Xanatos from NYC on 2001-08-16 10:11 [#00022333]

I don't believe killing them is the best way to control
Mexican population. We should kill them before they are
born, or let them, with free and easy access to birth

(Don't flame me for saying this, this is what we do right


Boy Thrifty from Pound Shop on 2001-08-16 10:25 [#00022337]

What's wrong with birth control?


hevquip from an egren's coffee shop on 2001-08-16 16:56 [#00022399]

how about we destroy all modes of transportation (boats and
planes mostly), literally seperate the borders of all
countries, then float countries out in to the oceans until
we are all equally spaced apart. i figure everyone else will
be close enough that we can see them coming and be able to
kill them before they get here. whoever can maintain there
island/land mass the best for a year wins and is allowed to
go kill everyone on the island/land mass that did the worst
and live on it. we could call the game "Darwinism at it's

so what other kind of pictures you got thanksomuch?


Wizards Teeth from Parsnip Land on 2001-08-16 16:58 [#00022402]

shave thier moustaches off and they will no longer be


thanksomuch from over there on 2001-08-16 22:12 [#00022479]

i'm ganna go along with what X says, and just say, put the
shit in the water. they will not even know why they aren't
pregnant every 11 months or so. personally, i think they
should but the birth control in the water of most major


thanksomuch from over there on 2001-08-16 22:13 [#00022480]

hevquip, i have some wonderful bondage Bettie Page pics.
real works of classic, black and white "porn" (if you


hevquip from an egren's coffee shop on 2001-08-16 22:19 [#00022481]

i've seen pictures of betty page and do not find her all
that attractive. these black and white porno thingies, is
that as in old cinema, or interracial? i would be interested
in old cinema porn because i imagine that it is not easily


thanksomuch from over there on 2001-08-16 22:31 [#00022489]

hevquip, you wouldn't know beauty if it crawled up your
arse. sorry, just black and white Betties. BUT i have a few
pics from like the 1800's. ha, you think those crazy ass
poses they have now a days are new!? fuck that, you should
see these damn things!


hevquip from an egren's coffee shop on 2001-08-16 23:12 [#00022499]

the pictures i had seen of betty page where in black and
white and i thought her waist was much too narrow. do women
find porn as fascinating or as interesting as men? i dont
not think there are many women with pornagraphic content
laying around. i imagine what you have is more "erotic", as
opposed to what guys would have.


thanksomuch from over there on 2001-08-17 01:05 [#00022508]

well, hev, i don't know what you'd consider it..... but i do
have stuff lying around..


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