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Jean Luc Godard on 2001-08-15 14:03 [#00022085]

Could someone please recomend me some songs; not things like
AFX, Bjork, NIN, Orbital, SoulFly.. ect. Not things that
I'll most likley have, but anything like that, sort of,
things of obscure and your own music; If anyone can tell me
their site that I can download their music off, ok.


Wizards Teeth from Parsnip Land on 2001-08-15 14:13 [#00022087]

there is a small horse in the middle of the screen
touch him and he will make a sound


H3XAN3 from Melbourne on 2001-08-15 14:19 [#00022089]

despite popular belief, molesting horses can be a beautiful


Mescaline on 2001-08-15 14:26 [#00022091]

Try "Nightmares On A Wax"


Granpa we love you from the home on 2001-08-15 14:36 [#00022093]

...That's Nightmares On Wax... Sorry to be a pedant. I would
recommend My Bloody Valentine, esp. their Loveless album,
but you'll love it or hate. But if you love it, you'll
reeeeally love it.


Mescaline on 2001-08-15 14:48 [#00022095]

Or maybe Laurent Garnier


Super Magnetic Neo from Australia on 2001-08-15 15:41 [#00022109]

Unreasonble Behaviour is pretty cool (Laurnet Garnier).


Geonime from here on 2001-08-15 15:49 [#00022111]

Oh man, Nightmares On Wax is the fucking king... Les Nuits
is one of my favourite songs. I would like to recommend DJ
KRUSH so DOWNLOAD 'final home' now!


Granpa we love you from the home on 2001-08-15 16:44 [#00022128]

DJ Krush's Kemuri is lush as well...


Pitch in Retrograde from texas on 2001-08-15 16:55 [#00022130]

the swans
the residents

theres three good bands right there. just go start
downloading songs.


Jean Luc Godard on 2001-08-15 17:35 [#00022141]

Pitch in Retrograde is the only one that didn't repeat the
shit that the posts prior recomended. I can read the first
post and get it without having to hear more of your retarded
"dats da shit, man" comments. I hate you all, you're all
bitches and you recomend stupid shit except for Pitch; I'll
excuse myself and download Pitch's suggestions, in the
meantime, you can go fuck yourself.


Jean Luc Godard on 2001-08-15 17:36 [#00022142]

Straight away, I knew this post had taken a harsh turn.....


Einposfleman on 2001-08-15 17:43 [#00022145]

Ha I see why this topic is called contempt now. V clever


Pitch in Retrograde from texas on 2001-08-15 17:44 [#00022146]

since you're dling some of that music i'll make a few

one of the best ween albums is called "the mollusk" so any
songs off of that will be pretty good..

and one of the best swan albums is "soundtrack for the


leftrightronic on 2001-08-15 17:46 [#00022147]

Yea, let's see.. I've been listening to a wide assortment of
stuff lately, most of which I'm sure many of you haven't
heard about yet.

On the list:

Accelera Deck - (yes)
Album Leaf
Novel 23
Bauri - (very neat)
Bit Meddler
Capitol K
Cex - (one crazy personality too
Freescha - (mm)
Marumari - (will make you melt)
Roots Manuva
Telefon Tel Aviv
Venetian Snares - (mental stuff)

There is a lot more I could list, but if you got the time
definitely check out those guys. All of their shit is
really good and I think your ears will be very happy with
you. heh.


Pitch in Retrograde from texas on 2001-08-15 17:46 [#00022148]

oh and for the residents i suggest looking for songs off of
"the commercial album" which is an album full of songs that
are exactly a minute long apiece. its somewhat disturbing
but highly enjoyable to listen to....


Pitch in Retrograde from texas on 2001-08-15 17:50 [#00022149]

oh! a cool minimalist group you should try to find is
farmers manual. you may not like it though, i hated it on my
first listen.


Granpa we love you from the home on 2001-08-15 17:51 [#00022150]

Dear Jean Luc Retard - I will take your comments away with
me and consider them in full. I will probably end up crying
upon realising that you are better than me. Oh Lordy...


Granpa we love you from the home on 2001-08-15 17:52 [#00022151]

You stupid cunt.


Pitch in Retrograde from texas on 2001-08-15 17:52 [#00022152]

oh! a cool minimalist group you should try to find is
farmers manual. you may not like it though, i hated it on my
first listen.


Pitch in Retrograde from texas on 2001-08-15 17:56 [#00022155]

hey leftrightronic, what are some songs you recommend i find
by venetian blinds?? or marumari?

argh, i hate when it posts my shit twice. fucking computers.


Pitch in Retrograde from texas on 2001-08-15 18:01 [#00022157]

haha sorry. i called it venetian blinds when its ventian

whoops, freudian slip


Jean Luc Godard on 2001-08-15 18:07 [#00022159]

See, all it took was alittle bit of negative enforcement to
get you all to work properly....

[I'm going to see the post with the word "retard" in the
title, I hope it's about me and my excessive use of the
word, I have no doubt it is]


Bill Maplewood on 2001-08-15 18:14 [#00022164]

Rejection gives me an erection.


Super Magnetic Neo from Australia on 2001-08-15 18:59 [#00022168]

You should check out Non-place Urban Field.


Elias Kotre on 2001-08-15 19:01 [#00022171]

C'mon, what the fuck is that? Does anyone see brilliance in
"rejection gives me an erection"? Did I make that up or is
that a line from something, I can't remember.


leftrightronic on 2001-08-15 19:12 [#00022177]

Pitch, for Venetian Snares, "Songs About My Cats" is a nice
one to start out with. Muramari's "Supermogadan" is great


Captain Beefheart on 2001-08-15 19:35 [#00022182]

I can't be bothered putting this into context nor find the
appropriate topic for reply, but someone asked about it and
heres the "recycled" answer:

"Look at French and recent Asia as well as '50s German film.
Films with the word "canibal" in the title. George Romero's
Dead Trilogy; Most horror directors only make one good film
and the rest are unusually bad. Brain Dead, which I haven't
seen, is said to be good. Also Black Christmas, Motel Hell,
Pumpkinhead, Dr. Gore, Tobe Hooper's Eaten Alive, Maniac,
and The Town That Dreaded Sundown. The work of Lucio Fulci
is good, considered to be the greatest horror director.
Quite a few banned films are good for obvious gore reasons.
I've always like horrors that had dolls in them, films like
the Puppet Master series are good. Upcoming: Ghosts From
Mars and Freddy Vs Jason will soon be in production, From
Hell, the story of a detective chasing Jack The Ripper;
based on the comic, it starrs Johnny Depp and Heather
Graham. There is serious talks of a remake of Dawn Of The
Dead. John Frankenheimer (Seven Days in May, The Manchurian
Candidate) has agreed to direct "Exorcist 4," a prequel that
follows the adventures of Max Von Sydow's character from the
first film. Halloween 8 has been completed and has an
American release date of Sept. 21. Jason X(Friday The 13th)
was completed last month. House Of 1,000 Corpses, directed
by Rob Zombie, was completed quite some time ago but was
unable to find a new distributor since it's original, I
think it was Universal or something, refused it because of
it's violence or something, it probably has a distibutor now
though. "


leftrightronic on 2001-08-16 07:58 [#00022321]



=|R3FL3X|= from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada on 2001-08-16 08:36 [#00022326]

Just to throw some names out of the blue here off the top of
my head:

Juno Reactor
DJ Spooky
DJ Qbert
DJ Shadow
William Orbit
The Shizit...

many more.


Bruce LaBruce on 2001-08-16 11:38 [#00022347]

I want someone to recomend an mp3 download thing now, like
napster, I don't know what you call them, and it has to be
mac compatible, fucker.


Matt from ------ on 2001-08-16 11:40 [#00022348]

Mikro12. Check out "Dibby13r".


tonyp from london on 2001-08-16 12:17 [#00022351]

try the click+ bleep stuff

try mego records or artifacks from russia


od from perth on 2001-08-16 14:42 [#00022379]

od traQs


actually no fuck it
just go to tefosav
and check the artists.


João Evangelista from Portugal on 2001-08-16 14:48 [#00022380]



leftrightronic on 2001-08-16 18:59 [#00022436]

I really don't know about KMFDM, no offense but they pretty
much suck in my opinion.. and plus any band that repeatedly
uses their OWN name in their OWN songs is doubly retarded.
sorry. hmm i bought one of their cds, i don't even remember
which, and it has been collecting dust on my cd rack for
about two years (worst album purchase i ever made hands

And to Bruce LaBruce,
no comment. from S.F. on 2001-08-17 01:22 [#00022512]

A person could do worse than to check out our stuff at and /or our homepage for the time
being which has some great links as well It\'s electronic and has been
described as an instrumental PIL meets Heavy Water Factory.


Geonime from here on 2001-08-17 01:35 [#00022514]

Bruce... I think Audiogalaxy *might* be mac compatible. It's
works with linux but I dunno bout mac.


PearlsGirrl on 2001-08-17 05:04 [#00022546]

land of the loops
kinda pop but very cool

also check out the album called "reich remixed" - a tribute
to the composer steve Reich made by electronic artists.

also check out Plug


Quoth from Lincoln on 2001-08-17 06:37 [#00022554]

-DJ Spooky
-Soul Coughing
-ID Lab (found at (all unsigned community of music makers)


=|R3FL3X|= from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada on 2001-08-17 09:48 [#00022593]

DJ Spooky
DJ Qbert
Amon Tobin
DJ Shadow
Junkie XL
Juno Reactor
The Freestylers

Uhmm cant think of any.. even through I have a massive Cd
collection goddangit.


Baron Von Picklefoot from The Baron Got a new computer !!!! on 2001-08-17 09:59 [#00022600]

Hmmmmmm music is good !I really like Amon Tobin, I saw Juno
Reactor a few months agoin Chicago they where amazing!!!!Uh
try Modest Mouse!!!!!THE BARON HAS SPOKEN!!!!!!Shine my
shoes you fool because your hands and feet are mangos !!!!


=|R3FL3X|= from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada on 2001-08-17 10:02 [#00022604]

You saw Juno Reactor! DAMN MAN!.. shit.... lucky you!
Damnit..... never get any good acts up here.. its a fucking
BIG city and no one comes here goddamnit. Anywayz.... Amon
Tobin is killer!


Baron Von Picklefoot from The Baron Got a new computer !!!! on 2001-08-17 10:10 [#00022610]

Yeah Juno came like an hour and a half late but they really
made up for it when they where on Woo Hoo they got a crazy
stage show I don't think it was over untill 5am.THE BARON


=|R3FL3X|= from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada on 2001-08-17 10:38 [#00022618]

THE BARON: awsome.... do you know some of the songs they


Baron Von Picklefoot from The Baron Got a new computer !!!! on 2001-08-17 10:44 [#00022623]

No clue my good man a lot of it was off their new album.It
is just really cool to see for the fact they have all of
those guys playing drums and a guy on guitar fucking amazing
.Spearhead and medicine drum was also there. It was a great


=|R3FL3X|= from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada on 2001-08-17 10:47 [#00022624]

THE BARON: {Cool....} hey thats cool man.. wish I could have
been there for that stuff! Sounds excellent... shit thats
cool. REACTOR!


Baron Von Picklefoot from The Baron Got a new computer !!!! on 2001-08-17 10:50 [#00022625]

Yeah it was I'm going to see the plaid show today its a
fucking shame about squarepusher but I'm still going THE


=|R3FL3X|= from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada on 2001-08-17 10:52 [#00022626]



Mescaline on 2001-08-17 11:47 [#00022640]

KMFDM - sucks,
Juno Reactor - i don't like it, Squarepusher better, but
still not best
Amon Tobin - were i can buy CDs?


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