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Ghost In The Shell

Earface from England on 2001-03-28 00:15 [#00001668]

This title suggests that Aphex Twin is a mind-body dualist.
I wonder if this is so or if, in fact, RDJ has no interest
in Philosophy of Mind at all..........thoughts?


Tekn010G from Australia on 2001-03-28 00:24 [#00001670]

Ghost in the shell is the name of an anime, the voice
samples in the beggining are from the movie and the sound of
the song captures the feeling of the movie very well,

does anybody know what album it originated from?
It might be a hoax, I'm not sure though


LtAirComStarscream from NEW YORK on 2001-03-28 03:59 [#00001688]

aphex twin didnt make that song. someone else did it. i know
there name is 3 letters and it stands for something. i have
that song on my old computer so i dont remeber the name. its
something like orm.


tekn010G from Australia on 2001-03-28 04:02 [#00001689]

thanx mr starscream, I've been wanting to know that for
quite a while, I guess Phobiazero can add another one to the
"hoax" section,


Wes in Berkeley from Berkeley on 2001-03-28 07:17 [#00001690]

Aye, it is ORM (only real music).
You can find it on


XY-ghap from burnip lane on +42329405 or maybe on 2001-03-28 19:42 [#00001752]

Im quite sure it´s a hoax, yeah..
See the movie, by the way. It´s in my case and it´s
brilliant.. Cheers.


ORM - Only Real Music from on 2001-05-10 10:10 [#00006089]

Hello, you can download the file "Ghost in the Shell" (mp3
file) on this address.


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