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Quality of these mp3s?

Cornell from Seattle, Washington on 2001-07-30 16:08 [#00018695]

Just curious... now that I've found an RDJ messageboard
worth returning to, I might as well put these questions
forward, because I've never found anyone that could possibly
answer them... until now that is. All you guys seem fairly
keyed in and unlike some other Aphex Twin listeners I know,
you guys actually have copies of the hard to get tracks. So
here goes...

On Bummy... my mp3 has a bit of a 'squiggle' sound at the
start... as if the song is on a big reel and someone has
sped up the tape to get to the song... it may just be the
song (RDJ has been known to be just a *little* quirky, has
he not? :P)... but I just want to know whether the song is
meant to be like this or whether I just have a low-quality
mp3. I don't think it's the latter... it sounds fairly high
quality... although, now that I think of it... it does sound
a bit like an LP... you know what I mean... it sounds like a
copy of an LP being played ('dirt' or whatever, little bits
of noise in the background)... is it meant to sound like
this as well?

Second question... on Gak 2, there's a section in the song
that sounds a bit weird to me. About 5:15 into the song, RDJ
starts to play around with the beat, stuttering etc., but
after a couple of beat-shifts, (at about 5:20 in the song),
my mp3 seems to 'skip'... I mean, it doesn't sound like a
legit beat-shift; it simply sounds like the CD skips for
about 2 seconds... from about 5:20 to 5:22 on my mp3,
anyway. There's a beat-shift at 5:14, then another at
5:17... but at 5:20, it really sounds like a skip. Can
anyone verify for me?

Third and final question (for now)... on Gak 3, about 59
seconds into the song, there seems to be a 'squeak' in the
song, very similar to the squeaks you commonly hear in
mp3s... can anyone verify whether this is meant to be here?
Or did I just simply botch my download?

Thanks guys :)


twat from your ass on 2001-07-30 16:43 [#00018701]

just spend some money and buy it tight-fist


Transmission from Holland. Yeah! on 2001-07-30 16:51 [#00018702]



Thiefofalways from Germany on 2001-07-30 17:15 [#00018704]

If you can buy the albums, I think you should, most
musicians that are independant or really have their own
directions with their material are the ones that Mp3's hurt
the most.....On the other hand Ive got a TON of RDJ's Mp3's
from all the remixes and collaborations hes done over the
years. I tried to buy the albums at first, but paying Import
price for 1 single track is just stupid and out of the
question on a salary like mine. If you are that into him,
great, support the artist, buy the disk and answer your own


Cornell from Seattle, Washington on 2001-07-30 17:20 [#00018705]

Don't you guys get it?

What I can buy, I buy. My current collection is as follows:

51/13 Aphex Singles Collection
Analogue Bubblebath Volume 3 (CD)
SAW Volume II (24-track CD)
...I Care Because You Do
Richard D James Album
On Remixes
On (US Edits)
Words and Music
Come To Daddy
Come To Daddy Remixed
Xylem Tube
Expert Knob Twiddlers

Now, I don't want to sound rude, but to you who called me a
tightfist, you can just kiss my ass. As you can see, I have
no qualms about shelling out money for albums, but it's the
songs on the albums THAT NO ONE HAS A COPY OF or albums THAT
or albums that DIDN'T EVEN MAKE IT OUT OF EUROPE that I'm
concerned with.

Do you think I'd hesitate to buy GAK or Power Pill or Joyrex
J4 or "The Philosophy of Sound and Machine" if someone was
selling it? Of course not. I'd practically kill for those...
but seeing as there probably isn't a copy for sale on the
planet, I have to settle for mp3s...

So stick your insult. Anyone else here on this message board
who actually knows what it's like to be in my situation, not
being able to buy original copies, I'm sure would say the
same thing.

But back to the topic at hand... can anyone help me out with
these mp3s?


Organ Grinder from from my own little fantasy world on 2001-07-30 17:33 [#00018709]

the problem with mp3's is that you never know what sort of
quality they'll be -- the best bet is to look at the bitrate
on the mp3, but another possibility with mp3's is the
possibility of major hoaxes. Some people get sick pleasure
out of naming a track as an AFX song, and then being
overjoyed when some unknowledged person downloads it,
thinking it is true AFX.


Cornell from Seattle, Washington on 2001-07-30 17:34 [#00018710]


Like I just mentioned in my above post, I thoroughly support
RDJ, but it's virtually impossible to get hold of some of
his earlier releases. I'm sure I'm just like 99% of his
fans; if they re-released his old stuff, we'd hand over our
hard-earned money in a heartbeat.

But honestly, for someone living in Seattle, in the year
2001... what do you think the chances are of finding a copy
of Gak or the Mealtime compilation or Power Pill or the
Ambient 4 Isolationism compilation would be? And even if I
did find someone with a copy, the chances of them willing to
sell it are even slimmer. And let's not even think about the

I don't care about having a 'rare' LP or CD... I just want
his music. It doesn't matter if I can say, "ooh ooh, I have
one of only 1000 ever pressed in the entire world"... I'd
settle for a just a simple copy... like I said, all I want
is the music. And I'm willing to pay, it's just that there's
practically no-one out there willing to sell. I don't want
anything flash, I just want the songs. If they re-released
everything on simple CDRs and wanted me to pay RRP, then of
course, I'd go ahead and buy it. I don't care about
'original copies' or 'first prints' or 'limited editions'...
I hate to use a corny phrase, but to me, it's all about the
music. Hell, I use Kazaa to download some of the hard-to-get
stuff... but if I could be assured it was high-quality legit
copies and I knew the money would go straight to RDJ, I
would have no problems with forking out money for every

'It's all about the music'


Lord Lufford of Morley on 2001-07-30 17:41 [#00018712]

Yeah, I wish the early and/or rare stuff would be


Transmission from Holland. Yeah! on 2001-07-30 17:46 [#00018715]

okok, I see now ;)




=|R3FL3X|= from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada on 2001-07-30 18:02 [#00018721]

Read this... People rip cds, rip whatever into a certain
quality or mp3, or not even sometimes. As it gets passed
along the line, data transfer can mess up a little bit,
hence your odd noises, and bleep or scrath type thing. Its
quite common.

Also, when people get some mp3s they think that they can
re-record them at a higher "quality" level, but really they
are changing the main volume on the mp3 its self, making it
sound more like shit, just louder, and to some probably
better. We rip mp3s at higher rates to get more quality, the
more quality the bigger the files can get, very fas too.

Those tracks you describe, could very well come from 1
place, or rather 1 person, just spawned throughout the 'net
from computer to computer, finally to me and to you, and
ofcourse to many others. Copies of copies of copies are
being made. Things can fuck up.


Phobiazero from Sweden on 2001-07-30 19:10 [#00018731]

Help the poor man instead of talking, guys! Its pretty
obvious what he is looking for... :-)


=|R3FL3X|= from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada on 2001-07-30 19:30 [#00018735]

Ah Geez.. do you want some mp3s?


Thiefofalways from Germany on 2001-07-30 21:12 [#00018752]

E-mail me man, Im sure sumphin can be worked
out....Im only gonna be here in Germany a few more weeks, my
4 years is up and Im goin back to the states (Cable
Modem-WOO-HOO!!) but itll be a while before Ill have a flat
an internet, but I dont move out of here for a few weeks....
I completely here you about not being able to find the rare
stuff in the states, the only thing I could ever do was go
to Boston and pay ungodly amounts of money for 2nd AFX
vinyl. I got an idea about how to fix your sound quality
prob. , but Im not sure, E-mail me...


Cornell from Seattle, Washington on 2001-07-31 02:48 [#00018800]

Everybody listen to phobiazero!

I think he's the only one that really understands where I'm
coming from. I've spend just as much money as the next RDJ
fan out there... all I want is some help from fellow fans.

I know about sample rates, I know about bit rates, I'm not a
*complete* moron. If I have to resort to downloading mp3s of
his, then I only download 128kb... yes, it's possible that
some clueless person has just saved a lower quality mp3 as
128, but that's not the point at hand.

To me it sounds like how a 128 should sound like. It's the
unpredictability of RDJ that has me questioning these songs.
All I'm asking for is someone to crack out their CD/LP/mp3
and tell me whether I'm the only one with these sounds or
not. I mean, come on... this is RDJ we're talking about. I
guarantee that everyone on this messageboard, at least once
in their life, has listened to a RDJ song, heard something
weird and *forced* themselves to listen to it again just to
make sure that it's meant to be there and not a scratch on
their vinyl/CD. So can you guys stop thinking the worst and
just help me out? From one money-spending RDJ fan to


=|R3FL3X|= from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada on 2001-07-31 02:50 [#00018802]

Yeah I know that. I listened to what your talking about. I
don't hear what your saying.


Organ Grinder from my own little fantasy world on 2001-07-31 02:55 [#00018805]

sorry bout my blabbing. i'll see what i can do.


naker on 2001-07-31 04:29 [#00018813]

that squigle at the beginning of bummy is supposed to be
there, thats just how he started it out. The meal time
compilation kinda sucks. Even if the style of music is your
taste, it doesn't really taste to good, only a couple of
tracks worth buying it for.


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