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grant wilson claridge

0141 from w on 2001-07-29 09:56 [#00018450]

hey, phobia, will you put the info about grant some day? it
would be cool to read something interesting about him.


grant from home on 2001-07-29 11:12 [#00018456]

all the info is in the music
check it!
everything else is boring/irrelevant or private


0141 on 2001-07-29 11:47 [#00018457]

okey, but when will you change it's so
uninformative now. i wanna see some pix and stuff.


g from hq on 2001-07-29 11:56 [#00018461]

i've been trying to ever since i put up that new temporary
site... just don't have enough time... too busy putting
records out... in the end tho, don't worry

the green screen style is coming back
tho the content will be minimal because that's my
philosophy. at the end of the day we want you to enjoy the
music not the website.


0141 on 2001-07-29 12:54 [#00018474]

of course. ok. i am waiting for the green variant.

& what about site? is it just a rumour?


Phobiazero from Sweden on 2001-07-29 12:55 [#00018477]

grant: want some help from me?


0141 on 2001-07-29 13:15 [#00018484]

phobiazero -talk!!


grant from master control on 2001-07-29 13:15 [#00018485]

thanks, i like your design btw

but the main problem comes in just conveying my
info/upodates/ideas... i just about have time to post the
off thing up here let alone... you'd have to live in my
house to do it properly!!!

you know we have strange ideas here... i'm not into graphics
or colours on the web for instance... commodore pet every

in the end, sites like yours have plenty of info so people
can find if they look for a minute... if not they should buy
our comp coz that's got a discography!

many of our most important artists have links from our page
so that should cover it...

but thanks >really< for the offer : )



mg from vilkaviskis on 2001-07-29 13:20 [#00018492]

grant, do you like commodore?

do ya play video games then?


Mikie on 2001-07-29 13:35 [#00018500]

Commodore 64 games music was the best! Beats any
Playstation crap hands down!


Phobiazero from Sweden on 2001-07-29 13:42 [#00018501]

grant: I could give you a few hints I know you'll love! But
send me an e-mail instead - we could talk there.


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