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Favourite Squarepusher song?

ww_sketcher from Ottawa, Canada on 2001-07-28 06:17 [#00018292]

What's your fav. []pusher song?

Mine's "Theme from Ernest Borgnine".


hevquip from a nefarious pirate ship on 2001-07-28 07:35 [#00018296]

a journey to reedham (7a.m. mix)


=|R3FL3X|= from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada on 2001-07-28 08:05 [#00018301]

That would be UFO's Over Leystone Key, or Autumn Acid.


m....M..Mw )wW(m M m)Ww( wM..M....m on 2001-07-28 08:08 [#00018303]

Certainly something off Big loada. I hate journey to
reedham, I skip over it almost every time.


Archrival from NYC on 2001-07-28 09:55 [#00018312]

Autumn Acid?!

I think U-ziq made that track.


=|R3FL3X|= from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada on 2001-07-28 10:28 [#00018313]

ArchRival: NO!!! .> yeah your right! I totally got mixed up
there.. what the hell was I thinking, another great
Squarepisher one..... would be Come On My selector {the
video is crazy!} or even Cirular flexing.

Although the real one I mentioned is awsome.


Archrival from NYC on 2001-07-28 12:30 [#00018315]

A lot of the tracks from his new album is amazing!!!


Earface on 2001-07-28 13:39 [#00018317]

Isn't Autumn Acid by Autechre??

I think the Squarepusher track on the Braindance Coincidence
is fucking excellent......

....and Time Borb.......

....(plus many more that I can't remember - it's the
morning/afternoon [it should be morning but it is afternoon]
after the night before)


Archrival from NYC on 2001-07-28 15:02 [#00018325]

NO its NOT Autechre.

Autumn Acid is on U-ziqs Royal Astonomy album.


Earface on 2001-07-28 16:11 [#00018332]

alright, chill out.


gotmeth? on 2001-07-28 16:46 [#00018336]

vic acid & a journey to reedham (7am mix)


zetre on 2001-07-28 18:05 [#00018341]



ginger bread man from Nailsea AGI on 2001-07-28 19:04 [#00018347]

Difficult as all their tunes are Quality with a capital Q.

Probably : Jump Up And Down Like A Grasshopper (Retro 88'
Acid Mix)


Organ Grinder from my own little fantasy world on 2001-07-28 19:45 [#00018352]

fave sp trax:

Don't Go Plastic
Shin Triad
Iambic 5 Poetry
I Wish you could Talk
Snake Pass
Dedicated Loop
My Sound
My Fucking Sound


Thiefofalways from Germany on 2001-07-28 19:50 [#00018353]

Track #4 on hard normal daddy,track 8 on Loada


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