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My dilemma

4 on 2001-07-28 02:39 [#00018276]

i am allergic to all food, so i haven't eaten anything my
entire life. my friends are always like you're missing out
on so much you crackwhore. i don't see what all the fuss is
about. just because i need food to live doesn't mean i have
to eat. besides, i'll die if i ingest even a molecule of a
substance even remotely resembling food. but it is really
hard sometimes. like sometimes people walk up to me and try
to pressure me into eating a steak or like pasta or
something, taking the food out of their cavernous black
trenchcoats jus like in the gangster movies. Then, all of a
sudden, the gigantic ape slid lengthwise, utterly
symmetrical, over a slab of platinum lamb.

"You have so many machines, Richard!"


rob fragilenine from a warm place on 2001-07-28 07:51 [#00018297]

I haven't got that many.



m....M..Mw )wW(m M m)Ww( wM..M....m on 2001-07-28 08:07 [#00018302]

Are you allergic to drinking stuff? Just mash up all your
food to a drinkable liquid. Also, I hear that chicken paste
has been a remedy for many an ailment. Eat some and see what
happens. I'm sure chicken paste man!! will be happy to get
you addicted to a small free sample. Afterwards, he'll put a
steep price on it, the bastard. We all have our problems. I
for example, am unable to urinate.


Earface on 2001-07-28 14:10 [#00018321]

bite my bacon


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