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The Aphex Twin sign

Wizard MaC from Amersfoort on 2001-07-27 14:19 [#00018136]

What does his famous sign mean or how is it made?
(I'm a Grandaddy©, but I still don't know this)


H3XAN3 from Melbourne on 2001-07-27 14:28 [#00018139]

i have to say, i have no fucking idea what it means! good
question though.... sorry WizMac, you probably saw your
thread with (2) next to it - and thought ' oh goody,
somebody knows the answer!'. again, sorry


Peter File from the Paedoph Isles on 2001-07-27 14:31 [#00018140]

I don't know either!


Wizard MaC from Amersfoort on 2001-07-27 14:31 [#00018141]

doesn't matter, because that's a fact: somebody knows the


Transmission from Holland. Yeah! on 2001-07-27 14:32 [#00018142]

You mean the logo?


Wizard MaC from Amersfoort on 2001-07-27 14:35 [#00018143]

yeah, logo, sign, you know what I mean


W on 2001-07-27 14:35 [#00018144]

It looks like a mixture of an A and a T to me.


Wizard MaC from Amersfoort on 2001-07-27 14:36 [#00018145]

Yes, I thought something similar.


Wizard MaC from Amersfoort on 2001-07-27 14:38 [#00018146]

Guys, I think we need some help.
Let's all scream "RICHARD WHERE ARE YOU"


Wizard MaC from Amersfoort on 2001-07-27 14:43 [#00018149]

hehe, it doesn't work yet.


Transmission from Holland. Yeah! on 2001-07-27 15:10 [#00018158]

it IS an A and a T mixed together, quite clear to me...



Not Aphex Twin from coughy on 2001-07-27 15:13 [#00018160]

I wouldn't know.. because I'm Not Aphex Twin!


Super Magnetic Neo from Australia on 2001-07-27 16:27 [#00018211]

I also thought it was a mixed "A" and "T".


hevquip from an egren's coffee shop on 2001-07-27 16:29 [#00018213]

it was designed by some guy that would go to all of his
shows and dance. i dont remember where i read that, but it's
out there somewhere. look for an afx faq.


al>< from dublin on 2001-07-27 16:39 [#00018215]

all i know is that every time i see it i want to open a beer
without my teeth!!


tsaklebotsche from middle earth on 2001-07-27 17:12 [#00018219]

i think its a chick showing leg and ass


Daniel Jonson from Gothenburg on 2001-07-27 17:51 [#00018224]

I thought the logo was an A.
A= Acid
But i Dont Know.
Funny thing to talk about thou.


ww_sketcher from Ottawa, Canada on 2001-07-27 19:01 [#00018225]

I always thought it looked like the canadian logo for the
yellow pages,



=|R3FL3X|= from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada on 2001-07-27 19:35 [#00018232]

Well its either just an A for Aphex, or its an A and a T
{which makes more sense} for Aphex Twin obviously. Also, it
just looks really cool. Im sure its just stands for Aphex
Twin and doesn't really look like anything else in


Kenchie from A secure unit on 2001-07-27 21:24 [#00018245]

Just look at the cover of SAW II. It's the A from Aphex


-a from --- on 2001-07-28 01:59 [#00018273]

The Aphex Twin symbol looks like the Greek letter lambda.


Richard on 2001-07-28 05:06 [#00018286]

I'ts an A and a T you dumbfucks


Beef fog from io on 2001-07-28 05:14 [#00018288]

did anyone ever make that font?...


Kenchie from A secure unit on 2001-07-28 06:34 [#00018294]

Look at the top of this page. It's clearly an A. The T is


Earface on 2001-07-28 16:18 [#00018335]

It is actually the silhouette of two benders committing
gregious buggery on each other's arses against the moon.


Blood Rose from London on 2001-07-28 17:20 [#00018337]

It was made by Tom Middleton, who danced at all of his old
live shows. Personally i can see that it is an a and a t put
together, but its probably aphex twin had a shit and
something like that came out. Or he found a piece of meat in
his beard that looked like it.


knebutchiakowiakowlski on 2001-07-28 17:36 [#00018338]

some people talked about aphex tatoos
now show me


Blood Rose from London on 2001-07-28 17:45 [#00018339]

i saw a guy at the ozzfest that had an aphex twin tatto, it
was so cool, i was gonna talk to him, but he seemed quite


VChilele on 2001-07-28 20:07 [#00018359]

actually...the sign relates to some of his work....if you
look looks like a maid bending over....arched maid
via rdj!


-J- from California on 2001-07-28 21:33 [#00018393]

It's the "A" from Kenchie sez, look on the SAWI


al>< from dublin on 2001-07-30 10:03 [#00018613]

If ONE more person says "It's the 'A' & 'T' from Aphex Twin'
.......we have EYES, like. (and EARS, fortunately!)

Nuff said


Gopher Kiorselph on 2001-07-30 10:25 [#00018622]

The lettering on the SAW II cover is based on variations of
the Aphex logo, not vice versa, Kenchie you world-class


Phobiazero from Sweden on 2001-07-30 10:26 [#00018624]

Tatto, huh? (pic taken form the custom section)


=|R3FL3X|= from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada on 2001-07-30 10:28 [#00018626]

It looks as If it could be real.


al>< from dublin on 2001-07-30 10:31 [#00018627]

the time between needling and that photo was obviously spent


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