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3 Sexiest Ladies in The World (or men)

Wizards Teeth from Parsnip Land on 2001-07-26 14:17 [#00017957]

1. Samantha Fox

2. Maradona's Mam

3. Tootsie (ie - Dustin Hoffman)


H3XAN3 from Melbourne on 2001-07-26 14:21 [#00017958]

only 3? ok ok....

1) Patsie Squat Snr.
2) Meryl Streep on heroin
3) The lollypop-lady around the corner nicknamed 'wolfwoman'


H3XAN3 from Melbourne on 2001-07-26 15:14 [#00017959]

geez, am i going to be the only one to reply to this
sensuous topic?


Alfred Molina on 2001-07-26 22:48 [#00018004]

I'd like to fuck Leelee Sobeiski; Chloe Sevigny; Milla
Jovovich; Parker Posey; Bjork; and Julianne Moore. I'd also
like to sodomise that guy from the Sopranos, Mr Soprano, I'd
like to sodomise him.


=|R3FL3X|= from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada on 2001-07-26 22:48 [#00018005]

1. Jenny Mcarthy {with blonde hair}
2. Heidi Klum {the hottest!}
3. Donna D'errico

This is a top list of hot women... these women are DAMN
fine. Heh. Although I saw Dolly Parton on The Late Show With
Conan Obrian and shes a fine cougar {you know when you go to
the bar/club and those older hot women intimidate you, and
you end up at their table.... thats a cougar}.


Ken Shabby from UK on 2001-07-26 22:54 [#00018008]

Yasmin Bleeth
Jennifer Connelly
Salma Hayek


=|R3FL3X|= from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada on 2001-07-26 22:55 [#00018009]

Ohhh yasmin is hot!! heh.

What about David Hasselhoff?


hevquip from an egren's coffee shop on 2001-07-26 23:16 [#00018010]

cougar:"hello. have you seen my pelican?"
bathtub:"why would i have seen your pelican when i have
brass wrists"
cougar:"perhaps i have not been polishing pecans enough"
bathtub:"i think i have a bag of wasps i will sell to you"
cougar:"i am willing to pay 23.6867 hamstrings and trade a
horse impersonating a chef for your bag of wasps"
bathtub:"that seems fair"
cougar:"i must go now seeing as my lungs have turned into
burt reynolds on vacation"
bathtub:"goodbye you prostitute"

that is why my list of the three sexiest ladies are:
a wig, lorna doone for her fabulous cookies, and tony blair
in drag.


Archangel on 2001-07-27 00:07 [#00018013]

DJ Rap and Baby Anne aint bad.


Bogus on 2001-07-27 06:49 [#00018054]



D-Hex from KC Missouri on 2001-07-27 06:51 [#00018055]

bjork and mandy moore in a bathtub...............and delta


Carny's Teeth on 2001-07-27 08:13 [#00018062]

My ma, my sis, and my ma's sis...


Wizards Teeth from Parsnip Land on 2001-07-27 09:24 [#00018075]

I saw Dolly Parton too on a show recently.

Even though she is old enough to be my grandma's pen pal, I
felt strangly aroused.

I would love to play cludo on her tits with a mouse.

That lass called mila jokovic from american beauty, she has
got a ver big head. I would be able to play darts with an
invisible puma on it.


James D Richard on 2001-07-27 13:21 [#00018120]

Shea Seger, Stacey Dash, Bjork.


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