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Guess who...

\/\/ooƒerAttack²_____ from Milan on 2001-07-26 08:35 [#00017894]

...and now a little game for you...
Read well the title songs of drukQs and try to guess who
will be the more succesful song.
Which song will be the Windowlicker's heir?
Which song Richard will promote to Video, Radio, etc...?

You must use your AFX instinct...

· 'Jynweythek Ylow'
· 'Vordhosbn'
· 'Kladfvgbung Micshk'
· 'Omgyjya Switch7'
· 'Strotha Tynhe'
· 'Gwely Mernans'
· 'Bbydhyonchord'
· 'Cock/ver10'
· 'Avril 14th'
· 'Mt Saint Michel Mix+St Michaels Mount'
· 'Gwarek2'
· 'Orban Eq Trx4'
· 'Aussois'
· 'Hy A Scullyas Lyf A Dhagrow'
· 'Kesson Daslef'
· 'Cymru Beats'
· 'Btoum-Roumada'
· 'Lornaderek'
· 'Penty Harmonium'
· 'Meltphace 6'
· 'Bit4'
· 'Prep Gwarlek 3b'
· 'Father'
· 'Taking Control'
· 'Petiatil Cx Htdui'
· 'Ruglen Holon'
· 'Afx237 v7'
· 'Ziggomatic v17'
· 'Beskhu3epnm'
· 'Nanou2'

I try to say "lornaderek", "penty harmonium" or "Ziggomatic

Cheers, \/\/ƒ


=|REFLEX|= from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada on 2001-07-26 09:46 [#00017908]

Hm.. {trying to change name a bit}. I think that Lornaderek,
Penty Harmonium and Meltphace 6 will be the top 3 songs!
Don't ask me why at all, it was just a blatent guess.

I think that the new album will be.. er.. well I don't know
that either, I think that since AFX is my favourite artist
there is, iam anticipating this album a great deal, and
considering his previous works, and creativity, I think this
will bear a whole NEW style of AFX. Iam sure it will be
great, if not the greatest piece of work. You have to admit,
that the RDJ album being great and all, didn't sound too
complete. I think that AFX was in a transition peroid,
experimenting with a new sound, that album was it. Now, hes
perfected what he knows {not saying this one will be like
RDJ album} but a step above and beyong his previous works.
This promises to paint a more "full" picture of his new
talents and capabilities as a artist, in the form of music.


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