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Could squarepusher out duel aphex..beat wise?

sinep on 2001-07-26 03:53 [#00017871]

i was listening to big loada today, and i must say that some
of his beats are match/sicker than aphex's..who do you think
would win in a duel? do you think drukqs will show aphex
doing even further complex beat work? -ross


|REFLEX| from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada on 2001-07-26 04:13 [#00017874]

I dont... well Its really hard to tell because they are such
a different style. It depends.... album to album maybe its
alright Then. I dont know haven't thought about it really.
Both are equal, in different ways to most. But I like Aphex
Twin more.


The Grey Gentleman from Eugene, Oregon on 2001-07-26 05:21 [#00017877]

I'll catch shit for this, but:

They each do their own thing, but in my mind SP doesnt
approach AT. SP put out some great albums: Big Loada, Music
rotted one note, selection 16, fucking Feed Me Weird
Things... great album.. but i'm really getting sick of the
breakbeat samples, personally. They get old quickly. I still
don't know if I like his new album or not. RDJ creates more
wicked and mindfucking melodies.

Should SP then quit the music business and sell candy corn?
Fuck no, everyone does their own thing, and those are just
my opinions...

The bad thoughts aside, SP has made some stuff that really
makes me nut myself. Track 2 off of Big Loada, and Tundra,
on Feed Me Weird Things.

Then again, I'm just a wanker reading a website about some
other musician when I could be eating dinner and playing
with my brand spanking new Yamaha synth.

You? You shouldnt be asking such foolish questions, you
should be out at pawn shops buying yourself a synth and
making your own music. Kind of a waste to sit on the
Internet and debate these issues, eh?


Tek from Australia on 2001-07-26 06:37 [#00017880]



|REFLEX| from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada on 2001-07-26 07:07 [#00017884]

hm your right.. kinda, in my opinion. I think that.. like I
said they are good in for different reasons.


-a from ... on 2001-07-26 08:20 [#00017890]

Speaking of candy corn, I hate those things.


ross on 2001-07-26 08:59 [#00017898]

(this is senip) grey gentleman- i do make music, currently
with my friend who is a huge bowie/depeche mode/etc. nut, he
has lots of synths and stuff..i just felt like asking this,
i dunno why..i do agree the breakbeats can get old,


Gl;itch from New Zealand on 2001-07-26 11:13 [#00017927]

Well, I dont like QueerPusher at all.

enough said I think.


Dirty Priest from Denmark on 2001-07-26 16:57 [#00017969]

I dont hope Drukqs will go anyway near the hectic
Squarepusher style. go plastic is great, but its like "yeah,
we have seen it now!" theres not much more to it. i still
love go plastic tho... good album. who´d agree that SP
makes more "Cold" music? i always feel ill after listening
to a lot of squarepusher....


al>< from dublin on 2001-07-26 17:54 [#00017974]

i wouldn't say 'cold', really. All I know is that when I
listen to his stuff - even without drugs - i have neurons
firing off that don't fire off to anything else. I'd rather
feel 'ill' after a track than bored. I saw "2001" on the big
screen recently and i thought "2001" is to eh, Pearl Harbour
for example what Squarepusher is to, eh...even someone
getting there, like Prodigy....just a whole different level.


m....M..Mw )wW(m M m)Ww( wM..M....m on 2001-07-26 19:43 [#00017982]

Squarepushe relies almost entirely on the speed of the tempo
and the complexity of the copy, cut, paste style. Aphex Twin
is much more concerned with the quality of the sound itself,
but still has that mental copy, paste, cut style. I think
Aphex twin is better. Big Loada is very mental though, his
best work in my opinion. That one probably is as good as any
of the newer aphex twin albums.


o_O on 2001-07-26 22:44 [#00018003]

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sandblaster midgets
easily after twelve well dressed drifters eat margins like
garbage ties strangle smelly plastic bags. who ordered the
hat bread for the trainable monkey robot sweaters? beer for
each meals of the day. parachute lightbulb autopsy.


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