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color scheme update

Tek from Australia on 2001-07-23 13:56 [#00017322]

for those of you interested,.. I've finished my cd cover,..
it took me a couple of hours to make this,.. so please tell
me what you think


sorry, but i'm a cunt!! on 2001-07-23 13:58 [#00017325]

that's well shit. bin it!


Tek from Australia on 2001-07-23 14:06 [#00017332]

wow!! you really are a cunt!


Moses on 2001-07-23 14:09 [#00017334]

That's the best little bit of conversation I've read on this
site in ages.
Congratulations to all those concerned!


Tek from Australia on 2001-07-24 02:52 [#00017472]

I'm still interested to know what some (more serious) people
think aboutit,.. I think it looks pretty lush myself


Super Magnetic Neo from Australia on 2001-07-24 04:36 [#00017485]

I think it looks great!

Looks like you put a lot of effort into it.


Cod~Fishery on 2001-07-24 04:43 [#00017486]

it gives me a shitty vibe...


boxrocket on 2001-07-24 05:51 [#00017495]

i like it.


Lt. Gerbal Malone from the Woodchip Cage on 2001-07-24 06:10 [#00017497]

It's just a little bit shit. I think it looks entirley like
shit. It kinda looks like the cover of a cd already
existing, i'm pretty sure you can see that already existing
cd at and either you've copied it or
it's just a coincidence


Tek from Australia on 2001-07-24 07:09 [#00017504]

I haven't seen any phillip glass covers so it's not a

If you remember my original color scheme when I just had the
words written and that was it,.. then you'd see that if
anything it was like wipeout (with the grey and orange) but
I decided to go with something a bit more original,.. and
then you hit me with this,.. NONE of that art is copied,.. I
hand drew it all myself,.. so the similarities between the
two must be a coincidence,.. I'll go check out the covers


Tek from Australia on 2001-07-24 07:16 [#00017505]

I couldn't find it, which cd cover do you mean?


m....MwMw wwW(m M m)Www wMwM....m on 2001-07-24 08:36 [#00017520]

It looked fairly interesting.


Gl;itch from New Zealand on 2001-07-24 09:44 [#00017530]

it looks ok, but considering the overwhelming use of these
new graphics programs, someone could probally make the cover
look a bit nicer with a slight touch up.

oh, and Tek, your from Australia?, why do you spell Colour
without the "U" we're not americans after all. Just abit of
a bitch from me, nothing serious :)


Tek from Australia on 2001-07-24 09:51 [#00017532]

I'm too used to the american spelling,.. and I don't really
care all that much,.. but from now on I'll spell colour with
a "u" just to make those finicky people happy


Mescaline from Russia on 2001-07-24 11:09 [#00017565]

Intresting picture.......
I'll try to remake this picture, then i'll send it to u


fresh and wet from devon on 2001-07-24 13:21 [#00017613]

hi ya tek what's it like down under is it hot there or is it
ur winter there


Moses on 2001-07-24 13:30 [#00017615]

Isn't your winter the hottest time of year in Oz?


fresh and wet from devon on 2001-07-24 13:32 [#00017616]

hi moses we are the horney babes that u posted a message 2
yesturday and u said that u hade'nt had sex in 2000 years we
want to give u some what du think?


Moses on 2001-07-24 13:45 [#00017617]

I think to myself "are you ready for some 'Divine


Tek from Australia on 2001-07-25 00:12 [#00017686]

It's winter down here at the moment,.. wheras It's summer
where you are (america?)

Mescaline : I got your "remix" of the cover and it looks
pretty good,.. I like the blood stained effects on it,..


Xanatos from NYC on 2001-07-25 06:46 [#00017738]

Hey Tek:

I really like the logo where it says serial rate but the
rest doesn't appeal to me much...its too jumbled. Maybe
that is the look you are going for. But I would definately
keep the logo and maybe change the other stuff, again, I
don't know even what kind of music it is. It definately
looks talented though I hope you can do that kind of design
for the new compilation site!


Tek from Australia on 2001-07-25 07:05 [#00017741]

I'm planning to ;<)>


Uncle Steve on 2001-07-30 12:30 [#00018660]

now see it. Tek was hinting that he wanted it to be the


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