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fishbulb from fishbulb on 2001-07-23 09:23 [#00017241]




sorry, but i'm a cunt!! on 2001-07-23 11:23 [#00017278]



Moses on 2001-07-23 11:24 [#00017281]



sorry, but i'm a cunt!! on 2001-07-23 11:27 [#00017286]

so moses, have you met the devil?
i know i'm a cunt, but i've heard he's a right 'ol proper


Moses on 2001-07-23 11:31 [#00017289]

He's alright!
He smokes like a trooper and always has quality sensi.......


sorry, but i'm a cunt!! on 2001-07-23 11:32 [#00017291]

nice one! you bearded old cunt!


chicken paste man!! on 2001-07-23 11:34 [#00017292]

moses - do you still wear sandles, or have you moved with
the times and got yourself a pair of rather fetching
'hi-tek' flip flops?


Moses on 2001-07-23 11:35 [#00017293]



dirty little bitch on 2001-07-23 11:37 [#00017294]

moses, are you on drugs?


Moses on 2001-07-23 11:39 [#00017296]

Most days.
In terms of footwear, I opt for the open-toed loafers which
I find more comfortable for my line of work. At the weekends
I enjoy wearing 15foot stilettos and dressing up like Mary
Magdelene...........but this goes no further, understand?


dirty little bitch on 2001-07-23 11:44 [#00017299]

wasn't Mary Magdelene a complete whore?


Moses on 2001-07-23 11:53 [#00017300]

A matter of opinion.
I did hear from a few separate sources that she was a bit of
a goer. Apparently she would dish it out round the back of
the Temple on a Tuesday. A radish would buy you half an hour
of hot lovin' of Biblical proportions.


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