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lift yr skinny fists..

ross on 2001-07-23 00:04 [#00017162]

aynone own this by godspeed you black emperor! ? i never
noticed how beautiful the last track on the 2nd disc was..My


Aaladorn from Texas on 2001-07-23 01:44 [#00017175]

Lift Your Skinny Fists Like Antennas To Heaven! Heh, I own
the alblum, I just haven't listened to the whole thing, the
first disc (all that I listened to) is great, it's just some
fairly hard stuff to get into.. Gotta be in the mood.


ross on 2001-07-23 01:56 [#00017176]

yeah, i know what you mean..with both cds, the first pieces
are far more accessible than the 2nd..especially the 2nd
track on the first disc, lots of ambient noise near the end,
that if in the wrong mood, will probably make you turn it
off..once it grows on you it's phenomenal though! :)


Barrett, Syd from Toronto on 2001-07-23 04:30 [#00017186]

They're one of my favourite bands. That album is brilliant.


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