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Archrival from NYC on 2001-07-22 17:34 [#00017088]

Have anyone seen the work?

Tell me about it, is it good?

Is Hankie the only track from SAW2 that AFX use in Flex?


Archrival from NYC on 2001-07-22 17:56 [#00017090]

Where can I see clips of it?


Phobiazero from Sweden on 2001-07-22 20:19 [#00017110]

some stills and the soundtrack is found here


Archrival from NYC on 2001-07-22 21:06 [#00017117]

thanx you the man!!!


Archrival from NYC on 2001-07-22 21:07 [#00017119]

I love Schveden!!!!


dr daisyland on 2001-07-22 21:37 [#00017126]

i am not up to scratch on this particular topic of
is it available to buy on any format at all?


|REFLEX| from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada on 2001-07-22 22:19 [#00017133]

Nope, you can't buy it, it was going to be made into a
movie-music thing with Chris Cunnigham {he did special
effects for Aliens, Come TO dAdddy, and Windowlicker and
more movies and music videos for others} and Aphex Twin. It
was shown in a few places {one or two?} in the UK for a
little bit. But its not made public, I doubt it will, id
want to see it a lot though. It was called "FLEX".


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